Suikoden Team Disbanded; Konami Lost RPG Know-How

Heroes from Suikoden

The team behind one of Konami’s beloved RPG series dissolved quite a while ago, it seems.

Zoinks! Didn’t see that coming!

According to a recent interview with 4gamer, Shingo Mukaitoge, producer of the upcoming PSP game Frontier Gate, said that Suikoden Team hadn’t been around for years. They had to bring in the expertise of tri-Ace (developers of Radiata Stories) because Konami had lost its RPG know-how.

Ya know, a lot of series are getting the reboot as of late (Capcom’s DMC for example). I haven’t had the chance to play the last couple of Suikoden games, but I read they were okay. Perhaps this is just another example of “desperate times call for desperate measures” and Konami thought it was high time another group take hold of the franchise? Steer it in a new direction? Whatever the case may be, lets hope the legion of die-hard Suikoden fans won’t have to wait too long for the next installment to come out.

Wouldn’t it be something if they ask tri-Ace to take over the series? Who knows!


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How do you guys feel about this? If you had to choose a developer to take over Suikoden, who would it be?

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