NASA MMO Gets the Green Light!

Houston, we have lift-off!

I gotta say: this is truly awesome news 🙂

You may remember a few days ago I mentioned that NASA was gonna make an MMO called Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond. I also mentioned that they needed to raise $25,000 before October in order to get the go-ahead with development. Well, their Kickstarter fundraising worked, as they managed to get over $33,000. Way to go! 😀

There’s a Work-In-Progress FAQ over at the game’s official forums. I’m gonna keep watching this carefully to see what comes of this. I wanna fly into space and run into Purple People Eaters. I soooooo hope there’ll be Purple People Eaters…


Source: NASA MMO reaches goal pledge, new info released through FAQ, [That VideoGame Blog]


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