New Dragon Quest Game to be Announced Next Week; 25th Anniversary Collection is Ready… for Japan only

Adorable Birthday Slimes draw near! Command? CUDDLE THEM! xD

I love me some Dragon Warrior. Er, Dragon Quest. So I’m excited to hear that that Square Enix will be announcing a new game in the long-standing series on September 5 at 2pm Japan Time (that’ll be 1AM EST). They’ll be showing it on their Ustream channel, so if you happen to be up and about, check it out. I might even be crazy enough to stay up and watch it 😛 I’ve done crazier things, I suppose 😛

I demand that this comes over here... pretty please?

If that’s not exciting enough, Japanese DQ fans will be getting the Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection for the Wii on September 15. The package will include the original NES Dragon Quest I-III, as well as the SNES remakes (there were SNES remakes!? Sonuva-). They’ll have special anime intros done by Kamikaze Douga, the studio who did the intro for some of the recent DQ games for the Nintendo DS, like Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Also on the disc is a special Archives feature that shows various dev documents and other DQ materials and a trailer for the upcoming Dragon Quest X.

But wait! There’s more!! The collection will also include a 130-paged book featuring articles by various manga artist who were influenced by the games AND (this is what I want most of all) a 25th anniversary gold medal with its own carrying pouch.

I want this. I would import this, but I wouldn’t be able to play the damn thing since the Wii is region locked. GODDAMMIT! Bring it overseas so the rest of us can play it! BLARG!


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