FANDEMONIUM!: The Art of ~paokamon

This gamer turned their love for Kirby into an array of cuteness. 🙂

Welcome to Fandemonium!, where we celebrate all the ways gamers express their love for games.

This time around, I figured it was about time we look at another fan pastime: creating lovely fan art. And I found just the ones to get this party started! 😀

This DeviantArt user, ~paokamon, seems to like Kirby. A lot. So much so that she has oodles and oodles of Kirby-related art! And it’s SOOOOOO CUUUUUTE! <3



Blitz ©2011 ~paokamon




Ice Cream ©2011 ~paokamon



FACK IT!! ©2011 ~paokamon



These are, of course, just some of the insane adorableness that is her fan art. Please check out ~paokamon’s DeviantART Gallery for even more of her awesome work! 😀

[Featured Image]: Happy Birthday Violet (c) ~paokamon


All FANDEMONIUM!, all the time:


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