Dragon Quest X coming to Wii, WiiU… and it’s gonna be ONLINE!

Square Enix takes its beloved series to the next level… ONLINE, BABY!

… sonuva….

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned that Square Enix was gonna announce a new Dragon Quest game on their UStream? Well they sure announced it…

Those cool cats over at IGN reported that Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest X‘s heading our way in 2012 for the Wii… and the WiiU! But wait! There’s more!

You’ll be able to play the game… wait for it… ONLINE!

The game will have a class system, 5 different races and a massive world to explore, from the sounds of it. Not only will you be able to create your own character, but there’ll be a crafting system as well so you can make your own gear.

There will be some add-ons to the game also, so the Wii version will come with a USB key to store all that in. Something else they touched a bit on was the online part. Seems you can play and complete the game OFFLINE. When you go online, you can be an ally of someone else’s party (during offline play, those same roles will be occupied by NPCs).  Your characters can even act as NPCs when you’re not playing.

Ugh… just when I rid myself of my Final Fantasy XI days, this HAS to come along and tempt me. How can I NOT play this!? It’s DRAGON QUEST! IN HD! ONLINE!


Found some footage on the YouTubes, so I won’t drool over this alone. Enjoy!

Dragon Quest X wii ingame footage


More Dragon Quest X wii ingame footage


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*sniff, sniff* Oh! *ahem* Sorry ’bout that, I was simply having a funeral for my 2012 social life. So, what do you think of this news?  Are you excited?  What other features do you think they’ll have? Sound off in the Comments! Say hi to me on Twitter, and subscribe to the RSS Feed!

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