Dragon Quest X has a Subscription Fee for Japan

In order to play Dragon Quest X online, you’ll have to pay after all… at least in Japan.

After Square Enix revealed that Dragon Quest X will have an online component, many questions ran through my mind… namely how much would it cost to play online (if there was a fee at all).

Andriasang reported that a newly-released FAQ confirms that there will indeed be a subscription fee for online play in Japan. No word yet on whether or not there’ll be one for the North American and European version.

Also, it seems like the you’ll be able to play the first few hours of the game offline, but after that you’ll have to get online. I hope that the fee will be a reasonable price. Maybe even give us the first month free…

However, the folks at 1Up bring up a good point: In Dragon Quest IX and Monster Hunter Tri, players in Japan had to pay a fee in order to play online, while North American and European players were exempted. So maybe we’ll see the same thing happen here, too! 😮

You can visit the official Dragon Quest X site here.

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Do you think we’ll see a subscription fee for Dragon Quest X here? If so, how much do you think it’ll cost? How do you feel about being forced to get online in order to finish the game? Let me know in the Comments Section!

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