Tokyo Game Show 2011 – Nintendo’s Pre-TGS 3DS Conference Round Up

Cherry-picking some of the highlights of Nintendo’s pre-TGS conference.



Okay, okay, I think I’ve recovered from last night (though I’m being punished for it by being über-tired this morning. Ugh).

But yea, Nintendo’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show Conference has come and gone, sites have exploded with lots and lots of news. I’m not going to re-hash everything that went on (like I said, everyone else has done a wonderful job at that), so I’m gonna pick just a few things to talk about and leave it at that.


Reminds me of bubble gum… except less edible.

Misty Pink 3DS… the Secret to Getting Women to buy a Handheld

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata broke out a chart indicating that while the largest audience for the original DS was women, the 3DS is primarily owned by men. Well, they hope to change that with their new 3DS colour: pink.

Now, I’m sure plenty of us were expecting to see new colours for the 3DS (I really hope they do purple at some point), but I don’t think anyone expected pink. I literally facepalmed when I saw this. Really? Do you think women have been contemplating buying a 3DS, but thought, “Well, I would buy it, if only it were pink.”, and chose not to? You think the secret to getting women to buy an electronic device is to paint it pink? Really?

If you want women to buy your 3DS… put Hello Kitty on it. Seriously. That’ll make ’em open up their wallets (well, it’ll make me open MY wallet, at least…)


This really does stick out like a sore thumb. Doesn’t look comfortable, either…

Where’s “Frankenstick”?

A couple of weeks ago, Famitsu had an article about the upcoming Monster Hunter 3G for 3DS. On one of the facing pages, there was an… “interesting” picture of Nintendo’s newest add-on for 3DS: a cradle for the 3DS that adds an additional thumbpad on the right side of the handheld, as well as additional buttons. It’s called the Expansion Slide Pad, but gamers has been affectionately referred to by some as “Frankenstick”, and reminds many old-schoolers of those trippy add-ons for the original Game Boy (I had one that served as a magnifying glass with a built-in light).

Anyhoo, the entire conference past and Nintendo made no mention of this add-on whatsoever. However, the fine folks over at That Video Game Blog reports that the price for this newfangled joystick has been announced. It’ll be out in Japan on December 10th for 1,500 yen (about 19-20 bucks), and will require a AAA battery to run.

Also, other games will be able to take advantage of  the stick, like Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Resident Evil: Revelations.

This seems kinda… I dunno… backwards to me. I mean, look at the size of that thing. It’s HUGE! I heard that the battery life for the 3DS is atrocious, and given the size of that add-on, I thought that it would have an extra battery pack built in. Instead, you have to worry about your AAA battery running out on you on top of the 3DS battery. Ugh.

But if I want to play those games, I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet… or wait until the eventual 3DS re-design kicks in (whenever that happens).


New Games; Will Travel… by Kart

Nintendo unleashed a flurry of games. Some were awesome; some were cute; some were… creepy *cough*LovePlus*cough*. But I digress. To refresh my memory, I’m gonna have to turn to other news sources for help (and by turn, I mean help me make sense of all my scribbly notes from last night. And by news sources… I mean Joystiq).

Super Mario 3D Land looks great. But it’s Mario, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. They showed off some new shots, and it’ll make it’s way to 3DS in Japan on November 3; with North America getting some love November 13. I’m really looking forward to it.

In more Mario news, Mario Kart 7 will be coming out December 4 here in the West. They show footage of your Miis driving around in a Kart. Looks like you can compete against other Miis from around the world. It’s nice to see Miis getting more mileage.

So will we be bravely defaulting on flying fairies in this game? I have no idea what the hell I just said…

For your RPG fans, Nintendo showed trailers for two new RPGS slated for 2012. First up, a new Fire Emblem. Not much is know about it, but there will be a two-player co-op… and it’s so pretty.

Square-Enix is also working on a game for the 3DS called… wait for it… Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.

Well, at least it’s not Fabula Nova Crystallis. Anyhoo, character designs is done by Akihiko Yoshida (who did character designs for Final Fantasy Tactics), and the in-game characters look like the ones from Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light. It looks puuurdy. 😛

Looks like it’ll be a lil’ while longer before we’re reunited with our ol’ pal, Pit.

Delays, delays, delays

Of all the games that were announced before the 3DS launch, the one game I was most excited for was Kid Icarus: Uprising. It’s been AGES since we had a proper Kid Icarus game, and I was really, really happy to hear that we were getting a new one.

However, Nintendo revealed that the game’s been pushed back to 2012 because the development team needs more time to finish it off. Ya know, I’m not bugged about that news one bit. So long as they take the time to make sure everything works proper, then take all the time you need (well… um… not too much… we don’t want another Duke Nukem Forever… >.>) Anyhoo, Nintendo also announced that they’ve partnered with 3 anime studios to create exclusive 3D Kid Icarus anime that will be available via Nintendo’s Video Service. Too cool!


And because I can…


N3DS『モンスターハンター4(仮題)』 コンセプト映像 (Rough Translation: N3DS “Monster Hunter 4 (Tentative Title)” Concept Trailer


More Megatons = More POWAAAA!


Did you watch Nintendo’s conference? Or did you do the sane thing and just read up on it at a more decent hour? 😛 Anyhoo… what did you think of the announcements? What were your favourites? Least favourites? Let me know in the Comments Section!

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