Tokyo Game Show 2011 – Sony’s Pre-TGS Press Conference Round Up

Sony gives us details about the PSVita, and other goodies.

I know I’m late on this, and just like with the Nintendo press conference, I won’t spend too much time talking about every little thing. I’ll cherry pick once again and talk about the things that struck me most. Once again, I shall rely on the combined powers of my scribbly notes and Joysitq to make heads or tails of this thing. Ready? Here we go!


They look nice… too bad we probably won’t see ’em here in North America.

Colour by numbers: PlayStation 3 & PSP Sales stats; new unit colours 

Those Sony cats like to throw numbers around, eh? Sony Computer Entertainment Japan President Hiroshi Kawano got things started with a bunch of stats. Since last year’s Tokyo Game Show, PlayStation 3 has sold 51.8 million units worldwide, with PSP selling 71.4 million. That’s… a lot.

Like the Nintendo with their 3DS, Sony decided that it will create new colours for their consoles. PlayStation 3 will be coming in a smashing Splash Blue and Scarlet Red, while PSP will be getting some handsome Black and Red units. Well, so long as they’re not frickin’ Pink, that’s fine by me.

 Droppin’ that Vita Bomb: Japan Price, Games, Capabilities

While it’s great to hear how the PS3 and PSP are doin’, everyone in attendance really wanted to hear about the new baby, the PSVita. And Sony gave us the the lowdown.

So much power in this little thing.

So the Japanese will be lucky and get this baby before Christmas. It’ll be hitting stores December 17. We already know that it’ll come in two flavours: a 3G enabled and a WiFi version, and they’ll be about 29,980 yen ($382 CDN) and 24,980 yen ($318 CDN) respectively. Sony announced that Japan’s largest mobile carrier NTT Docomo will be the service provider for the 3G PSVita. NTT DOCOMO Senior Vice President Kiyoyuki Tsujimura also revealed that they’ll have 2 prepaid plans: a 20 hour plan for about 980 yen ($12 CDN) and a 100 hour plan for about 4,980 yen ($63 CDN).

As one would expect, the Vita can do a whole host of things: play videos, music; go online. Seems like you can also text message your buddies with it if you’re on a 3G plan, AND you can go onto social sites like Twitter and Facebook while you’re playing. Multi-tasking FTW…?

Hmm… we knew who the service carrier would be for the US, and now Japan. I’d still like to know who the carrier will be here in Canada. I still say Rogers… what do you Canuck peeps think?

Games, games, and more games. Like 100 of them

All this hardware mumbo-jumbo is interesting an’ all, but it won’t mean much if we don’t have anything to play with. Oh sure, some people could get by playing Facebook games, but you’d expect something a bit more hearty on a Vita, yea? And what about PlayStation 3?

Capcom announced Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 as a launch title for the Vita. So you’ll be able to punch the living crap out of your PS3-wielding brethren while your relaxing on the beach.

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Type-0‘s coming to PSP October 27, while Final Fantasy XIII-2 coming out December 15. Type-0, which is packed onto 2 UMD discs, will also be available to download off the PlayStation Network (via Siliconera) and there’s gonna be a special PS3 bundle for Final Fantasy XIII-2 (thanks, Joystiq!)

Meanwhile, we’re getting another Final Fantasy remake. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Final Fantasy X is getting a full HD remake for the PS3. Wonderful!

Let’s all go to Zanarkand together… again!

Now, I know that the fanboys out there are probably all screaming, “Give us Final Fantasy VII!”, but I’m glad we’re not getting a remake of it yet. We were already inundated with all the other FFVII-related games and tie-ins; enough’s enough for now, ain’t it? Let another game in the franchise be in the spotlight for a bit. I’m still crossing my fingers that, someday, we’ll get a remake of Final Fantasy VI.

Sony says there’s over 100 new titles coming out for all those PlayStation devices out there. Now, we won’t be seeing them all over here in North America, but since Sony consoles are region-free, we can still import them if we’re desperate 😛

Overall, this was an okay conference. There really wasn’t any megatons like at Nintendo’s conference, but it was still pretty solid, and I’m quite excited to see what’s over the horizon for our PlayStation consoles.

More news is good news!

What did you think of Sony’s press conference? What was your favourite (or least favourite) announcement? Let me know in the Comments Section!
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