Minee’s Monthly Mashup – September 2011

Taking a look at the month that was September 2011.

Hi hoooooooo, readers!

Man, time flies so fast, doesn’t it? Hope you guys had an amazing month. Things have been picking up here in VSOG, and I think I found my “blogging rhythm” as it were. There’s still room for improvement, but I think those kinks will get worked out in time.

Anyhoo, let’s take a look at what happened during the month of September here in Vast Sea of Games.

News and Features:

  • Press Conferences AHOY!:  Earlier in the month, the big Japanese game companies showed off some of their latest projects at the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo held a press conference before the big event where they showed off their plans for the 3Ds and dropped some bombs… like snagging Monster Hunter 4. Not to be outdone, Sony held a conference centred around the Vita and the PS3.
  • Folks Up In Arms Over Deus Ex: Human Revolution Character, Calling Her Racist: Man, this story made the rounds on the web and caused quite the stink. A character in Eidos Montreal’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution caused a stir because of the way she spoke. People called her racist and were up in arms over the whole thing. So what do I think of her? Read the article and find out!
  • Dragon Quest News!: Dragon Quest is one of the most beloved RPGs series. Square Enix made some announcements regarding the newest edition in the series, Dragon Quest X. Check out these posts about the game being online,  subscription fees for Japan, and other lovely tidbits.
  • Oh Final Fantasy VII: Speaking of beloved RPGs, one that struck a chord with fanatics is Final Fantasy VII. Many sing its’ praises and call it the best RPG ever. The constant debate got me asking the question, Is Final Fantasy VII Really The Best JRPG Ever? Check out the post to find out how I feel.
  • I <3 Cartoons! Final Fantasy VII left a lot of long-lasting memories for some gamers. You know what else gives memories? Cartoons! Many of us woke up early in the morning to watch cartoons (and some of us still do :P) There were a lot of cartoons based on video games that aired back then, and here’s 5 Video Game Cartoons That Kick Ass.
  • Angry Game Reviewers: Fad or Here to Stay?: A phenomenon that’s surfaced over the last few years on the internet is the whole “angry game reviewer” scene: regular people getting in front of the camera or typing on blogs ranting furiously about the games they hate. I figure I’d take a look and see what they’re so angry about.


The FANDEMONIUM! section is starting to pick up! YAYS!


Review: Jeanne d’Arc (PSP): The one area of improvement I have is getting more reviews and previews up. My goal is to get more of them up… in a timely manner. 😛 While I work on that, check out the first review of my “Backlogging It” series, Jeanne d’Arc.

So, September’s come and gone and there’s still lots to do, so I won’t rest on my laurels. Thanks again for stopping by and rest assured, I will continue to bring you the happenings of the gaming industry… with a touch of crazy.

Talk soon, peeps!