FANDEMONIUM!: Castlevania Bloodlines ReMix – Iron-Blue Intention / Reincarnated Soul

What’s just as awesome as the music in this game? This ReMix.

More ReMixes? More Castlevania? Must be another edition of FANDEMONIUM!, where we applaud the talents of gamers everywhere!

We’re gonna look at an awesome ReMix for Castlevania Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis (released March 1994).

Taking place in 1917, a witch named Drolta Tzuentes accidentally revives Countess Elizabeth Bartley, the niece of Count Dracula. She’s hell bent on reviving her uncle and starts to cause chaos.

Enter our two heroes: whip-wielding John Morris, son of Quincey Morris, the man who defeated Dracula a few years ago (check out Divine Bloodlines/Castlevania Timeline Feature for more info about Quincey), and his friend Eric Lecarde. You can choose which character you wanted to play as (this was a first for the series back then), and you can even choose the difficulty setting. That too is a first; usually the games back then only had one setting: Super F******** Hard.

This game has some of the awesomest music ever. And ReMixer elzfernomusic certainly does it justice with by merging two of the songs together to create this fabulous piece. Enjoy!


OC ReMix #2033: Castlevania: Bloodlines ‘Unintentional’ [Reincarnated Soul, Iron-Blue Intention]

• Game: Castlevania: Bloodlines (Konami, 1994, GEN)
• ReMixer(s): elzfernomusic
• Composer(s): Michiru Yamane
• Song(s): ‘Iron-Blue Intention (Stage 4 BGM · German Iron and Steel Factory)’, ‘Reincarnated Soul (Start Demo ~ Stage 1 BGM · Old Castle Dracula)’


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