Street Fighter X Tekken’s Gem System Is Rubbing People The Wrong Way

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Fighting fans are crying foul over Street Fighter x Tekken’s Gem System; Capcom Community Manager hopes to set the record straight.

The fighting game community has been up in a tizzy since Game Producer Yoshinori Ono announced that the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken will have a special system which will incorporate Gems. These Gems will either boost your characters stats, or help you out in some way. The problem? Many complain that the system will make it easy for the less-than-skilled players to have an advantage over those that have a little more fighting game know-how.

Capcom community manager Seth Killian sat down with Gamasutra to give more of an explanation on how the system will work.

As previously mentioned, there are two types of Gems: Assist Gems that give you some support abilities (like auto-block), and Boost Gems which boosts stats. But these Gems will activate only under certain conditions (like if you’re under attack, or are the one doing the attacking). Killian says that you could choose to not use the Gems, but there’s no “No Gem” mode that you can play.

As to how you can acquire Gems: well, according to the Street Fighter x Tekken official site, you will get a different set of Gems depending on whether you pre-order the Standard Edition from Best Buy, Amazon or GameStop. If you pre-order the Special Edition, you’ll get all the sets offered with the Standard Editions, plus a few extras. If you don’t pre-order… well, Killian says they’re still sorting that part out.

This raises the question if the guy who buys the Special Edition will have an automatic advantage over his buddy who bought the Standard Edition. Nope!

“The gems, in the way we’ve approached them, are balanced against each other,” says Killian. “If one gem has a bigger damage bonus, it has harder activation conditions.”

Since you can’t turn off the Gem System, there’s been some talk about having Gems banned from tournament play or have the game banned outright. Killian wants to see how tournament organizers handle things and take it from there.

“Where you want to draw that line as far as you want to draw that line, understandable, but we’ve got them in mind, so we’re going to try and find some balance that makes them happy as well, because those are very much my people.”

With regards to dealing with the whole bru-ha-ha, “It’s one of those things where we’re talking about things in sort of a measured way,” Killian replies. “And I want to be able to give people the full picture as soon as possible, and try and explain and answer everything — whereas internally, we’re on a different schedule.

“It shows the value of when you have something to say, say it as completely and clearly as you can, especially if you’re going in a new direction that hasn’t been seen,” he continues. “The video game community is very astute, and detail-oriented with this kind of thing, and fighting gamers are right at the top of the pile.”

It will be interesting to see how the tournament scene will handle the Gems. Perhaps they’ll allow certain Gems to be allowed in play, perhaps they will ban Gems. But like all things, there’s no way to know how things will work until players actually put them into play.

At least we know a little bit more about how the System works, so maybe folks will chill for a bit until the game launches next year.


Source: Capcom’s Seth Killian On Street Fighter X Tekken ‘Gems’ Controversy [GamaSutra]


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