It Came From the Web: Gaming News for the Week of November 6, 2011

It Came From The Web

Taking a look at the gaming news for the week that was November 6, 2011.

Welcome to another edition of It Came From the Web. I must admit, I was quite distracted by other things this week. The fact that I’m working a lil’ more now means less time to devote to searching the web (though I’m trying my best to keep up with it all). So this one will be short but sweet.

The order of the week was stream monsters, sexy Limited Edition 3DSes, and “hot men”… all for $8.95.

From the Interweb and Blogosphere

Get Your Fix of Hot Men — The folks over at Aksys Games are bringing Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom over to North America, and the game’s official site went live last week. And I must say, I’m already loving this game… because of the hot men.

Taking place in feudal Japan during a time of political unrest, our heroine, Chizuru, ventures to Kyoto to look for her dad. She has a chance encounter with the Shinsengumi, a group of warriors keeping the peace on the streets. They too are looking for Chizuru’s dad, so they decide to be her bodyguards. Naturally something fishy’s going on, and you and your army of studs get to the bottom of it.

The game is a visual novel (for those who’ve never played visual novels, they’re essentially “Choose Your Own Adventure” books… only much cooler). The choices you make have an effect on how the story unfolds and your relationship with the people around you.

The official site already has a few things available: the story, the game’s features, some character bios. They even have a “Man of the Month” section, which you guys must read. It’s HILARIOUS!

The game comes out on Valentine’s Day for the PSP. Something nice to get your sweetie. Or for all the single ladies like me, something to get for me to drool over hot men.

Hakuoki - Okita and Saito

That wasn't nice, eh? I can talk dirty to you instead, if you want... just sayin'. >.>

(Check out Hakuoki’s Facebook page, too!)


We’re Not In the Kitchen Anymore — Kotaku posted about a blog with an interesting premise: record the trash talking that occurs on Xbox live. What adds some spice to this is the small detail that the blogger is a fellow girl gamer.

Jenny Haniver started this blog as part of an art project last year, and it grew from there. We all know that people can act as jerks online, but actually hearing it puts all into a different light. Hard to believe some folks would act like that over a GAME! @.@

Anyhoo, check out her site, Not in the Kitchen Anymore. It’s really a great site.


We Canucks Can Throw Down An Ad-Filled Stream… for $8.95 — The fighting game community got a taste of Canadian fists last weekend when the 2011 Canada Cup went down in Calgary, AB. For those of us unable to attend, we could catch all the action on Twitch TV in two flavours: either the free ad-filled stream running at 320p, or pay $8.95 for the Premium stream, which would be ad-free, run at 720p AND have access to the video archives afterwards.

Unfortunately, things didn’t run so smoothly. The ads on the free stream ran at really wonky times – sometimes while the commentators were talking or (and I got this A LOT) in the middle or near the end of a match. More often than not, the ads wouldn’t run at all, or they were those tiny Google ads that appear at the bottom of the screen. Would’ve like to see more of those type of ads instead of the full-blown commercials that you can’t dismiss.

Canada Cup 2011 - 5 vs 5 Internationals

The 5 vs. 5 Team Internationals was one of the highlights for Canada Cup 2011.

Did the Premium stream fair any better? Nope. They still got lots of ads and the quality of the stream wasn’t up to par with what was promised (though to be fair, it’s hard to guarantee something like stream quality at these type of events).

The whole ad snafu was because the ads are instant. When they push that “Run Ad Now” button, it runs right away. So while everything looks fine for those at the event or whose internet connection is running in sync at home. But for those whose connection is slightly slower or who had to refresh the page to get it going again, it was a problem.

Canada Cup and Twitch TV Community Manager Jared Rea have apologized for what happened and are trying to make amends. The archive footage previously reserved for Premium stream subscribers is now available to everyone for free. Also, Twitch TV plans to ad timecoded adds so that they’ll run when they’re supposed to, as well as limiting the number of ads shown per hour so home viewers won’t be banging their heads wondering why they’re getting so many ads.

What about the event itself? It was good. Very good. I really liked the 5 vs.5 Internationals for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition… even if USA demolished Canada (damn you, JUSTIN WONG!). Anyhoo, check the archives for the insanity.


Legend of Zelda Limited Edition 3DS… Do Want — Nintendo of Europe announced  that a special Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS bundled with Ocarina of Time was coming out in Europe November 25. Again… for Europe only. And lo, the Americas wept.

But then, GameStop showed their Black Friday ad… and there was Sexy Limited Edition 3DS. Guess what I’m gonna pre-order?

Legend of Zelda Limited 3DS

I want this. Oh so badly. NAOZ.

Vid of the Week

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 at Canada Cup. Shenanigans happened (as they tend to do during MVC3). Like this:

The most ridiculous MvC3 match ever: Justin Wong Vs Fillipino Champ. Canada Cup 2011


That’s all for this edition of It Came From the Web. If ever during the week you notice any video game web shenanigans that you feel would be a good fit (be them in the blogosphere, or Twitter, or Facebook), give me a shout! You can use the form on the Contact page, send me a tweet over on Twitter, or stop by the VSOG Facebook Fanpage! 🙂

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