FANDEMONIUM!: Longplay — Kabuki Quantum Fighter (NES)

FANDEMONIUM Kabuki Quantum Fighter

For those of you who were told to stop trying to grow long hair, let this serve as a reminder of why you should let those locks GROW!

My goodness! ‘Tis Sunday! Time for another FANDEMONIUM!, where we tell hippies to get haircuts. Okay not really. At least not in this case.

Kabuki Quantum Fighter has all the sci-fi mind-jacking craziness that you’d come to expect from a future in which machines are trying to take over. What you probably didn’t expect is the protagonist taking on the appearance of a kabuki actor in order to stop them.

Someone was smoking something when they thought this up. Something good. Did I mention this game needs a remake? Yea, it does.

Gamer Charex from plays through the game from beginning to end (cut scenes and all) in 30 minutes. Grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

NES Longplay [075] Kabuki Quantum Fighter


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