Preview: Asura’s Wrath (PS3; Xbox 360)

Preview Asura'sWrath

The demo for Capcom’s upcoming action game tells us one thing: Asura’s really, REALLY angry.

When you’re angry, what do you usually do? Maybe walk it off, do something constructive. Maybe yell really loud and punch your pillow? How about sprouting four extra arms made of steel and punching the ever-loving snot out of  some shmuck that’s bigger than the entire planet? If you answered the latter, you should have that sudden four arm-sprouting thing checked out by a doctor. Unless, of course, you’re a deity stripped of power. Then you get a pass.

Asura’s Wrath is a bat-shit crazy game starring the titular demigod, Asura. He was framed for the death of the Emperor, his wife is killed and his daughter kidnapped by his former comrades. He gets knocked down to Earth, wakes up millions of years later, and now he’s pissed; seeking revenge on those who wronged him. Rightfully so. I’d be cranky too if I suddenly woke up and remembered that something happened to my family.

Let’s fire up the demo and dive in! I’m using the Xbox 360 version for this sneak peak.

asura's wrath boss fight - wyzen

Wyzen's so mad, he decides to give you the finger.

Okay, so the demo lets you play a bit of two stages (or two boss fights, rather). Episode 5 pits you against a really BIG dude named Wyzen. He reminds me of Buddha… except he ain’t giving ya a warm smile (and certainly not encouraging you to rub his belly). This fight allows you to practice your shooting skills. Once you move the reticule to your target, you can press the X button to do some rapid fire action. If you press and hold the Y button and move the reticule across several targets, you can shoot them all at once. The level’s quite fast-paced and foes come at you pretty fast. It really is quite tough to get a beat on the goons since you’re moving on rails for the most part. Then again, I suck at aiming and shooting. If you’re one of those FPS fans, you may have an easier time of it. 😛

In Episode 11, you’ll be relying on your fists. Jump around, dodge attacks. Ya know, typical melee stuff. Against a guy who gets off from unsheathing his sword and using it against you (minds out of gutter, people).

asura's wrath boss augus

Dodge Augus's attacks and wail on him. Wail on him good.

There’s one other thing that the demo showcases: Quick Time Events. Throughout both stages, you’ll be forced to press certain buttons or button mash at different times in order to advance the fight. I’m not the biggest fan of Quick Time Events. I know that they’re a way of breathing new life in action games and breaks up the monotony of pressing one button over and over again, but having them every two minutes (like they were in the demo) can get a bit tiring. Also, I don’t know if these QTEs are just for boss battles or if they’re also in regular fights, too. If they are in normal fights, I hope it’s not too often.

One last thing is the Burst. There’s a meter at beneath your health bar called the Burst Meter. As certain points in the fight, you’ll be able to increase your Burst Meter. When it’s full, press the RT button and you’ll grow extra arms and do some damage.

Did I mention this is all bat-shit crazy?

Presentation-wise, the game looks quite nice and the music sounds very dramatic. The whole feel of it is like Dragon Ball Z or Fist of the North Star… on crack. The action is fast paced, which is what I like in an action game. And it also satisfies my wonton desire to smash things and is fun, but those QTEs! Ugh, I just don’t know. I wouldn’t mind them so much if they weren’t so many of them. Perhaps if I play the game when it comes out, I’ll get used to them…?


You wouldn't like me when I'm Asur-angry!

Asura’s Wrath will be coming out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 21. In the meantime, check out the demo, available now on PSN and Xbox Live.


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