Xbox Live Has 40 Million Users. Wowzers!

Xbox 360

Microsoft’s revenue increased by 15 percent… and they have lots of Live users, too!

The last half of 2011 was very good to Microsoft. Very good, indeedy! Their Xbox division pulled in a whopping $4.24 billion; selling 8.2 million Xbox 360 units. Do you know how many gummi bears you can buy with that!?

With that much moolah, you’d think that there would be an equally large number of Xbox Live users, yea? How ’bout a staggering 40 million users? Yea, that’s a lot.

Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said in a recent press release: “In addition to the continued strength of our commercial business, this holiday season was the strongest in Microsoft history, thanks to good sales execution and compelling products like Xbox 360 and Kinect.”

With such large numbers, ya think Microsoft would be eager to tell everybody, “Thanks for your money, but we have a new console coming out soon. Be sure to buy that, too!”?

Yea, I don’t think they would be, either.

Source: Microsoft’s Xbox division revenue at $4.24 billion in Q2, Xbox Live hits 40 million users, [Joystiq]

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