FANDEMONIUM!: The 7th Saga ReMix — ‘Heroes Unsung’ [Port Town]

A lovely ReMix for an RPG that slipped on by…

Welcome, fair folk, to another edition of FANDEMONIUM!, where we kick back and listen to some rockin’ tunes.

For today’s ReMix, we look at a game that… I’ve never played before!

The 7th Saga was released in by Enix in September 1993 (long before they got absorbed into Square). You pick your character and then go off on a  journey to gather 7 magic runes. Whomever gathers them all will have the power to rule the world.

Now, I didn’t play this game back in the day because I heard that it was really, really long (70+ hours!) and really, REALLY hard. I’d probably give it a shot today, if I can get my hands on it…

Anyhoo, I heard this ReMix from the game by DragonAvenger and OA, and thought it was awesome! Give a listen! 🙂

OC ReMix #2376: The 7th Saga ‘Heroes Unsung’ [Port Town] by DragonAvenger, OA

• Game: The 7th Saga (Enix, 1993, SNES)
• ReMixer(s): DragonAvenger, OA
• Composer(s): Norihiko Yamanuki
• Song(s): ‘Port Town’


You likey? Good. It’s one of the many songs in OC ReMix’s 32nd album, Unsung Heroes! With tracks from 14 awesome RPGs that deserve more musical kudos, Unsung Heroes has music from such games as Suikoden (yea!), Secret of Evermore (yea!), Breath of Fire II (oh hellz yea!), Shin Megami Tenseri: Persona 3 (WEEEE~!) and more! Head over to the Unsung Heroes Official site to download the album or individual tracks (they’re free and fabulous)! And be sure to show the OC ReMix crew some love by visiting their website. They do some good stuff.


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