The Soul of East London Still Burns For Soulcalibur V


Namco Bandai teams up with talented grafitti artists to do… this.

Soulcalibur V comes out February 3, and Namco Bandai is bringing the hype all over. Even to this innocent wall. =P

They went and got the help of grafitti artist Jim Rockwell and his team at EndoftheLine to create a massive wall mural promoting the upcoming fighter. The entire job took three days to complete, and it’s just so… so… ack, there are no words! If I could tear down that damn wall and hang it in my room, I would (then again, I’d probably need a bigger room. Ah, technicalities…).

Soulcalibur V – X360 / PS3 – SoulCalibur V Graffiti Transforms London’s East End


Check out EndoftheLine’s website to see more of their crazy awesome work!


SourceNamco helps graffiti-up East London with SoulCalibur V, [Destructoid]

My Soul Still Burns.. For S’Mores!


This is amazing work, really! If you could create a giant wall mural of your favourite game characters, what would you do? Let your creative juices flow and tell me in the Comments Section!