Minee Musings — Vacay’s End And Xenoblade Progress

Xenoblade Chronicles Image

One week ain’t enough!

*sigh* Tomorrow marks my return to Ye Ol’ Office place, slightly more relaxed and rejuvenated… *passes out*

Maybe I should call in sick. I kid, I kid. Seriously though: one week doesn’t seem like it’s enough and makes me wish I’d ask for two weeks off. The plus side of that scenario would be I’d get even more stuff done. Unfortunately, since I’m a contractor I’d be losing out on a paycheck (no work = no pay), so… yea.

I at least have some future blog posts ready to post in the coming weeks, and a new Feature’s going up on Tuesday. Also, I finished the Xbox Live bullet-hell game Sine Mora a couple of weeks back, so I’m working on the review for that 😉

Speaking of reviews… you’re probably wondering how I’m doing with Xenoblade Chronicles.

Unfortunately, I only started playing the game on Thursday, and have been spending lots of time doing every lil’ Quest I get. I can’t help myself, I tell ya! Kinda wish I could tap into my lil’ kid self: back in the day, I could finish RPGs in three to five days. Then again, I didn’t do lots of the extra stuff back then, and I could stay up until 1 AM and wake up at 5 AM with ease, so I’m sure that helped some 😛

I really got to get into the habit of getting into more of a “Review Mode” when I play games: no need to see every single lil’ thing, but be as thorough as possible. My problem is that I think I’m a bit too thorough and want to make sure I don’t miss anything that could potentially be a game changer for some 😕

According to my Raptr profile, I’ve sunk 29 hours into Xenoblade so far. And I’m having fun! Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in a couple of hours throughout the week and marathon it on Saturday.

Anyhoo, I hope your weekends were fun. What did you guys play? 🙂 Let me know in the Comments Section!

As I have nightmares of the sea of red I’ll see when I get into my work inbox tomorrow (so many unread messages!), I shall bid you all adieu now. Gotta remember to set the alarm, as I wouldn’t want to accidentally sleep in. (O_o)