Dragon’s Crown Has A New Publisher: Atlus Publishing!

Dragon's Crown - Octopus BossYa know, I'd hate to tell Thorax the Bed Wetter that I'm allergic to octopus. He looks so happy slashing that thing...

Hang on, true believers. This game isn’t dead yet! 

You remember Dragon’s Crown, right? One of the Games I Wanna Play? It was MIA since E3 2011, and with all the problems that UTV Ignition Games had been going through, things were lookin’ kinda grim for the beautiful-looking Vanillaware game.

Until now!

Atlus Publishing, champions of awesome Japanese games like Catherine, King of Fighters XIII, and the Persona series, (as well as having published Vanillaware’s spectacular PS2 RPG Odin Sphere) have stepped in and are taking the reins from UTV Ignition.

The action dungeon-crawling RPG, where you fight off hoards of dudes whilst looking for the titular Dragon’s Crown, will be available for the PS3 and the Vita in 2013. And be sure to head over to the Dragon’s Crown Official Website for all the goodness.

My Cinnamon-flavoured Corn Pops just got a billion times yummier.

[A thousand thanks to VSOG Buddy Austin for the tip!]

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