Shigeru Miyamoto Likes The Cut of Vita’s Jib… But It Needs Games

The legendary designer sees the potential, but Sony needs to tap into it more.

Nintendo’s game designer Shigeru Miyamoto took some time to speak to Edge about all things gaming, and the living legend sung the praises of Sony’s new lil’ handheld, the PlayStation Vita.

“It’s obviously a very hi-spec machine, and you can do lots of things with it,” he said. “But I don’t really see the combination of software and hardware that really makes a very strong product.”

When Nintendo launched the 3DS last year, things weren’t rosy for it at first because of a) the price point and b) lack of compelling content. But then the dropped the price, got some awesome games and BANG! It’s going well for the lil’ guy.

“When we launched the 3DS hardware we didn’t have Super Mario 3D Land, we didn’t have Mario Kart 7, we didn’t have Kid Icarus: Uprising,” Miyamoto continued. “We were striving to have all of these ready for the launch, but we weren’t able to deliver them at that time.

“We were kind of hoping that people would, nevertheless, buy into the product, find 3DS hardware promising, but looking back we have to say we realise the key software was missing when we launched the hardware.”

The PlayStation Vita had a strong start with the early adopters picking up the handheld upon launch. But sales have slowed down considerably since then, and it seems to have found itself in the same spot that the 3DS was in: a handheld on the market at a high price (ebgames has it for $250 CAD), and not a whole lot of big games. Perhaps Sony will announce a nice price cut for the Vita next month at E3, along with a gaggle of games.

At least, that’s what I think they’ll need to do in order to move more units.


Source: Miyamoto: Vita needs games, [Edge]


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Miyamoto has spoken! When do you think the Vita will drop down in price? Are there any Vita games that you’re eagerly waiting for? Sound off in the Comments Section!