Headshots From The Heart Charity Run Is Raising Funds For Child’s Play

These folks are playing for Child’s Play! Help ’em out!

Ya know what warms my heart a lot better than a cup of hot chocolate? Hearing about gamers coming together to earn money for a good cause.

“Headshots from the Heart” is a 24-hour marathon taking place this weekend, May 26 and 27. Teams of four will test their sharpshooting skills in Gearbox Studios’ Borderlands to raise funds for Child’s Play.

What’s neat is that there’s two ways to give ’em money.  Not only can you simply donate a certain amount right off the bat, but you can also pledge to donate a certain amount whenever players score a headshot. If that doesn’t encourage players to do their best, I don’t know what will!

During the live stream, you’ll be able to create challenges for the players, ask them questions, even bid of some cool swag.

The stream goes live at 12:30 EST, so be sure to check it out here! And be sure to donate whatever you can! Child’s Play is an awesome cause, and these guys are awesome for doing this event. You can find the widget below, but I’ll leave it in the Sidebar, too!

Head over to Headshots from the Heart’s website, be sure to follow them on Twitter, and Like ’em on Facebook.

And spread the word. You guys are awesome, so I know you’ll do what you can 🙂