FANDEMONIUM!: Super Street Fighter IV ReMix — Hakan’s Theme

Get oiled up with this awesome Hakan Theme ReMix from Super Street Fighter IV!

It’s EVO BABY! The best World Warriors around are now converging on Las Vegas to see who’s the best of the best at Evo Championship Series 2012. So there’s no better FANDEMONIUM! to have today than something fighting game-related. Like a music ReMix.

When it was released back in 2008, Street Fighter IV gave the fighting game genre a right ol’ shot in the arm and put it back into the mainstream consciousness. And in typical Capcom fashion, they’ve been milking it for all it’s worth.

Super Street Fighter IV was released in 2010, and it brought some changes from the previous two iterations. But one thing that I don’t think ever needed improving was the music… because the music is always awesome, as evident in this superb remix.

OC ReMixers Jillian Aversa and zircon worked together to bring this ReMix for Hakan’s Theme. Hakan is a pratisioner of Turkish Oil Wrestling, so in order to make his moves more effective, ya gotta oil up. Oooo, shiny!

Enough of my babbling! Let’s get to the music!

OC ReMix #2028: Super Street Fighter IV ‘Time to Oil Up’ [Theme of Hakan] by zircon & Jillian Aversa

• Game: Super Street Fighter IV (Capcom, 2010, XB360)
• ReMixer(s): Jillian Aversa, zircon
• Composer(s): Hideyuki Fukasawa
• Song(s): ‘Theme of Hakan’


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