Minee Musings: Evo2K Marks Fighting Game Season

Evo2K Fever reaches a high!

Ah, Evo. Where the best of the best duke it out for supremacy. And it is delicious. Last year’s event was not only the first Evo I ever watched, it was also the first fighting game tourney, period! And my God, was it awesome.

This year’s chaos is just as Hype-Inducing, with upsets and comebacks galore! And to think that was only Day One! They showed Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition all day, and it was crazy! On Stream 2, there was more craziness with King of Fighters XIII and Soul Calibur V. Dang.

To catch all the chaos, head on over to the EVO 2012 Live Stream Hub. There, you can see all the streams running, see the brackets, and the stream schedule!

On the main stream today, they’re showing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 all day; with King of Fighters XIII and Mortal Kombat 9 Quarter and Semifinals on Stream 2.

There’s also a special stream debuting Persona 4 Arena, as well as showing BlazBlue Continuum Shift: Extend, Melty Blood, and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. Very cool.

Streams start at around 8AM PDT/ 11 AM EDT, but as is the nature of live events, they might run late due to unforeseen circumstances. In case you don’t like the layout on the Stream Hub, this lovely page will allow you to switch between which stream you want to focus on, while the others sit quietly in cute thumbnails. Should note that that’s for Main Streams 1 and 2. If you want the special stream, check this page out.

Anyhoo, all this talk about fighting games has got me back in a Fighting Game Mood and prompted me to break out Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 again. And… wow… I stink at it 😛

No, really! It feels as though whatever muscle memory I had with using a joystick went poof! I think I need to get back into boot camp… or something. Then again, I was always a Pad Fighter, so making the transition to stick wasn’t the smoothest thing ever… but I thought I was making some progress. Now it’s all gone! Ugh.

Looks like it’s back to the dojo with me. In the meantime, you peeps check out Evo 2K, bask in the Hype, and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂


Get Your Fight ON!


Have you been watching Evo? What’s been your favourite moment so far? Let me know in the Comments Section!