It Came From The Web! Weekly Gaming News — July 8, 2012

It Came From The Web

This week’s Gaming News Round-Up has me wondering if the Street Fighter live action show will be as cheesy as the Van Damme movie (nah!), why Hello Kitty looks like a dictator, and why I must wait for my Jojo fix.

Ah, Sunday. The day one should take to recharge the ol’ batteries and get ready for the gruelling work week that lies ahead. For me, I post a rundown of some of the other stories that popped up during the week. Like more Jojo!

From The Intarwebs and Blogosphere

Taking an HD Stand — A lil’ while back, it was announced that a new Fighting game based on the popular Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga was heading for PlayStation 3. Now Capcom, who made their own fighting game based on manga back in the late ’90s and ported it to the Dreamcast and PS One, announced at Comic-Con that they were going to release an HD version of that game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

You’ll be able to re-live the insanity for $19.99 on August 21 for PSN or 1600 Microsoft Points on August 22 for XBLA.

Now, if Namco Bandai find it in their hearts to bring over the new game, my life will be complete.

Source: Capcom announces Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HD, coming to PSN and XBLA August 21/22, [Joystiq]


Project Sora Gets Grounded Permanently — Project Sora, the studio who developed Kid Icarus Uprising, closed its doors. Though as the folks at Siliconera pointed out, it’s a bit complicated.

Okay, so the father of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai, left the Nintendo-owned company HAL Laboratories to start his own design firm, Sora, Ltd. They worked with other developers on Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Afterwards, Sakurai and Nintendo formed Project Sora and put a team together to develop Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS, with Sakurai acting as the lead. Now that Kid Icarus is out, Nintendo wanted to expand Project Sora and have them work on the next Super Smash Bros., but it seems those plans have changed since Nintendo asked Namco Bandai to take charge of development. So Nintendo disbanded Project Sora. But Sakurai’s own company, Sora Ltd., is still alive and kickin’.


Guess this cements Sakurai’s statement that they won’t make a sequel for Kid Icarus Uprising anytime soon. I hope the rest of the Project Sora team have found work in Nintendo’s other internal studios…

Source: Kid Icarus: Uprising Studio Closed (But Wait, There’s More!), [Siliconera]


The Life Of An Ansatsuken — Remember last year, when we went gaga over a Mortal Kombat web short that’s now gonna get made into a film for realsies?  Well, looks like Street Fighter‘s getting similar treatment.

The director of the Street Fighter: Legacy fan film that was making waves last year, Joey Ansah, must be giddy as a school girl.

Capcom fighting game guru Yoshinori Ono announced at Comic-Con that that they’ve given the okay for Ansah to create a live-action Street Fighter series, set to debut next year. Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist will centre around Ryu, Ken, their sensei Gouken, and the forever badass Akuma, and the secrets behind their Ansatsuken fighting style.

I’m all for people being able to realise their dreams like this, so I wish Ansah and crew the best of luck and hope that the series is successful! 😀

Street Fighter: Legacy – Short Fan Film

Source: Capcom announces Street Fighter live-action show at SDCC, [Destructoid]


From Facebook

HADO… Awwww! <3 — Sanrio, the house that Hello Kitty built, have teamed up with Capcom to bring us Street Fighter… with cuteness! If you check out Sanrio’s Street Fighter Store, you’ll see that they have all sorts of cuteness, like Hello Kitty X Chun Li, My Melody X Cammy, Badtz-Maru X Ryu, and more! Seriously, M. Bison never looked cuter when it’s Kuromi <3

Be sure to check out the Hello Kitty Facebook page for more adorableness. Like this:

Hello Kitty Chun Li

Hello Kitty x Chun Li = cute. Dude who looks like he just let out a toot with his leg up like that = not so cute.


From Twitter

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Vid of the Week

When Deadpool isn’t stuffing burritos down his throat and doing moonwalks in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, he’s overthrowing game development studios and releasing kickass teaser videos. Like this one for his upcoming game, being made by High Moon Studios (the folks behind Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, a.k.a METROPLEX. *ahem* Sorry…).

Deadpool Game Teaser



That’s all for this edition of It Came From The Web! If you hear of any gaming news shenanigans, give me a shout!