My Favourite Evo2K12 Moments

Evo2K12 was crazy fun, with crazy matches, and even more crazy shenanigans!

Evo is a spectacle; displaying a high level of skill from fighting game players from all over the world. Even if one doesn’t play fighting games, you truly do appreciate the talent at work from these fine World Warriors.

There was no shortage of breath-taking moments, upsets, and stand-up-in-your-chair moments that had you losing your damn mind. And I haven’t lost my damn mind like that since last year (okay, that part’s debatable…)

There were waaaay too many favourite moments for me to choose from, so I just randomly picked some (in no particular order, of course). So enough with the introduction blah-blah. Let’s get to this!

KOF Hype Horse

Let’s get HYPE!!!!


Legendary Tournament is Legendary

Before the overly-flashy Supers, Roman Cancels, and Max Combos, we just had two characters, on screen beating the ever-lasting crap out of one another. All with the most broken gameplay ever. And it was so delicious.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo introduced very humble Super Moves (at least, compared to the ones we see nowadays), and, most notably, the Raging Demon himself: Akuma. It was fun, but Akuma made you want to break your joystick or controller out of spite.

The folks at Evo decided to celebrate this legendary game with the aptly-named Super Turbo Tournament of Legends. And this old-school fighter was just as hype as anything else. They’re playing on an awesome arcade set-up, using Japanese arcade boards, with James Chen and David “UltraDavid” Graham doing coloured commentary and telling us the various ways on how broken the game is. So, so, sweet.

Just a quick note in case you don’t already know: three of the four boss characters in the Japanese version of Street Fighter II have different names. In Japan, the character we know here as Balrog is called M. Bison. Given the name and appearance of the character is so similar to real-life boxer Mike Tyson (who was still very popular when SF II first came out), things could’ve gotten a bit messy for Capcom had they left that as is for the North American release. So, they played Musical Chairs with the names during localization. Therefore:

  • M. Bison became  Balrog in North America
  • Vega became  M. Bison in North America
  • Balrog became Vega in North America

Got that? A good chunk of the time, to make things more clear, people tend to refer to M.Bison/Balrog as “Boxer”, Vega/M.Bison as “Dictator”, and Balrog/Vega as “Claw”.

Hope that makes sense 🙂

Anyhoo, here’s the Top 8 for the Super Turbo Tournament of Legends. Grab some popcorn and enjoy an hour and a half of old-school throw down goodness. And in case you’re wondering why no one plays as Akuma: he’s banned. Why? He’s possibly the most broken character in the game; it’s just too easy to dominate using him.


Infiltrating The Top 8

MCZ Infiltration is scary, not only because of his stoic expressions during play in Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012 Edition (say that three times fast), but because of his scary-good Akuma play. I mean, scary-good. So scary in fact, that he was taking out top players left and right. Like this:


The Amazing Mame Spider

Mame Spider! Mame Spider! Does whatever a Mame Spider does! W-wait…

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is one crazy game. Things happen so fast, it’s mind-blowing. And if there was one player that impressed the heck out of me, it was FRB Mame Spider. His Spider Man play was nothing short of spectacular. Though he got eliminated off the stream, his matches on stream were… well, amazing. Here’s one:

The King of Grand Finals

The Grand Finals for King of Fighters XIII was the highlight of Evo for me. Hands down.

In this match-up, South Korea’s CafeID MadKof was up against Mexico’s IGF Bala. Now up ’til this point, Bala was undefeated, while MadKof is coming out of Loser’s Bracket. Which means that MadKof would have to win two sets of the Best of 5 series to take home the championship. Will he succeed? Again, grab some popcorn and watch!



I had to put this in. If this doesn’t count as an Evo moment, I’ve lost all faith in the world.

EVO 2012 Marriage Proposal


Evo2K Invades Twitter

Like many who were unable to attend, I was watching the Stream happily from the comfort of home. And thanks to the modern-day advances that is social media, I could share my reactions to the insane goings-on in 140 characters or less.

It really is fun to see what everyone else is saying about the same event at the same time. And there was a lot. Here are some I managed to dig up.









More Shenanigans - I Wanna Be The Floe

This year at Evo, there was a special stream that showcased a lot of Indie Games (not necessarily Indie Fighting Games). There's one Indie Game out there that makes grown men cry. One that makes you want to punch something cute and cuddly to make yourself feel better: I Wanna Be The Guy. A collection of stages made up of sprites from Video Games' past. All so you can be the Guy. With the most demoralising, insanely high difficulty ever.

One member of the fighting game community who fought tooth and nail to beat this game (playing on a live stream with the support of many fans) was Evil Geniuses' Floe. So the Evo organisers got in touch with the creator of I Wanna Be The Guy and asked him to create a special build. And he did.

For two hours, Floe shot and grappled through the ball-busting special Evo2K build of I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden, the sequel to the difficult game. I didn't catch this live on the stream, but as soon as I saw this clip, I knew had to find the whole thing:


IWBTGG EVO2012-TigerUppercut!


Did that grab you? Are you rolling on the ground laughing your ass off? Then you need to watch the epic Saga of Floe. Two hours of the most hilarious play ever. Like, ever.


IWBTGG Evo 2K12 - Floe - Part 1/2

IWBTGG Evo 2K12 - Floe - Part 2/2


And if you want to try your hands on I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden, it's now available for PC for all the world to play. Get your copy (it's FREE!) on IWBTG's Official Site.


More Shenanigans -- When Stream Monsters Attack

"Stream Monsters" is the term used to describe people who watch fighting game events via Streams and generally talk smack about the players and each other. Though in recent times it seems to be used to talk about fans tuning in via Stream in general. It seems the phenomenon of Stream Monster shenanigans is flowing over to the real world...

Crowd Monsters - KingofSarus


Closing Thoughts

There was a lot happening this year. A lot. If I could split myself into several Mini-Me Figurines and watch all the streams that were happening, I probably would've. Maybe that's something I should consider doing next year.

In all seriousness, watching this level of play is always awe-inspiring. This really is my equivalent of the Super Bowl; something I look forward to seeing every year now. You can't help but feel excited when you watch; getting totally sucked into it. You cheer when they cheer; you feel bad when they're heartbroken after a devastating loss. It's just too good for words.

Be sure to watch these vids, and if this piques your interest in the community, head on over to for your FGC needs.

Until next year, I shall set you free.

Skisonic Shuffle

Take us out, Skisonic Shuffle!




Did you watch Evo2k this year on the Stream? Or did you catch all the recap videos? What was YOUR favourite Evo moment? Tell me your moment of hype in the Comments Section!