Final Fantasy Versus XIII Confirmed As Still Alive

Square Enix officially squashed the rumours that Final Fantasy Versus XIII game is dead.

You may remember a couple of days back those rumours about Final Fantasy Versus XIII being cancelled. Well Square CEO Yoichi Wada decided to put all those rumours to bed.

He took to Twitter last night to reassure fans that the game they’ve been waiting for is still very much alive and kicking. He also mentioned that he had just left a meeting regarding Versus, and that “if you were to see the city etc. presented today, you wouldn’t be able to stand from surprise.”

Good to have an official word from high up. Now let’s hope we’ll get more info (footage, maybe?)  at Tokyo Game Show this year.

The game’s getting a nice boost from Square Enix’s Luminous engine, which means the game’s gonna look amazing. No really; here’s the tech demo Square Enix put out last month to show off the engine’s power:


See how pretty that looks? No question that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will look just as nice.  Let’s hope that the gameplay will also be up to snuff, too.


Source: Square reaffirms existence of Versus XIII, continues not to show it, [Joystiq]

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Are ya happy that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still kickin’? You think we’ll see more of it at Tokyo Game Show this year? Let me know in the Comments Section!