Minee Asks: What Are Your Summer Gaming Memories?

What are your fondest video game memories of the summer?

Remember the last day of school? When the teacher looked at you, said “See you in September!”, and y’all ran out joyously? School was out for summer (not forever. Oh Alice Cooper, why must you lie to me?). And that meant catching the latest, greatest summer blockbuster, perhaps get a summer job… and get your game on!

Summer months are awesome for gaming. Staying up late, playing video games for hours on end. It’s perfect when you’re a kid. And as an adult with a 9 to 5… well, it can be a bit tricky, but if you’re on vacation and have nothing major planned, it’s perfect, too!

We’ve all had our moments of summer gaming bliss. When I was a kid, my brother and I rented games every weekend during the school year, but that increased quite a bit during the summer (like every few days).

The SNES and PlayStation days were more RPG-centric. Trying to play an RPG from start to finish in three days was quite a challenge! And those were all nighters; almost like those low% runs I enjoy watching 😛 But it was fun; blazing through Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Breath of Fire… good times.

We all have memories. And I wanna know yours.

Tell me about your fondest memories of gaming during those lazy days of summer. Maybe you had a massive marathon? Perhaps you slept over at a friend’s place and played the night away? Maybe you participated in a gaming tournament? Or maybe it’s just sitting on the patio outside playing on your handheld. I wanna know!

Send me an email via the Contact Form with the subject line “Gaming Summer Memories” and tell me everything! I’ll post submissions at the end of the month (August 27-31) as our way to bid farewell to summer.

So while you’re reminiscing of gaming summer’s past, I sincerely hope you’ve been enjoying your summer this year!

– Mineeva


(Photo credit: © omgimages/iStockPhoto)