FANDEMONIUM!: Longplay — Total Recall (NES)

FANDEMONIUM - Total Recall

You’ve seen Total Recall. And may have seen the remake. But have you played the NES game?

Ah… it’s Friday! Time for another edition of FANDEMONIUM!, where we’re all gonna get our butts to Mars.

Total Recall was a great movie back in the ’90’s. It was fun seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger run around, trying to regain his lost memory by getting to Mars, all while avoiding these dudes who are more than content to blow his head off. A real classic.

Hollywood really liked Total Recall, too, since they decided it was worthy of a remake. The reboot, starring Colin Farrell, opened August 3rd and grossed about 26 million in theatres in North America. While we wait and see how well it does this weekend, let’s take a look at the NES game based on the 1990 Total Recall movie!

Now, video games based on movies were hit or miss back then (still are!), and this one is… well… at least they hit almost every major scene in the movie. That’s gotta be worth something, right? Right?

Anyhoo, enjoy this short Longplay! 😛

NES Longplay [215] Total Recall


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Grab Some Popcorn And Enjoy!


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