Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced

The last chapter of Lightning’s Story is ready to be told.

The big reveal at Square Enix’s stage show that they were teasing before is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII!

The third and final game in Lightning’s story that started all the way back in Final Fantasy XIII sounds like it has a bit of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in it.

According to Andriasang, you have to go through the entire game in 13 days (again with the 13! HA!) in what sounds like an open world environment. You can turn back time by killing monster, but, as Game Design Director Yuji Abe said in the presentation, some of your actions (like performing miracles) will advance time. I’m guessing you’ll have to be choosey about whom you decide to help.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Announced

Lightning’s back in a new world and new tricks up her sleeve.

There’s a bunch of customization options, with players being able to choose various costumes and weapons for our girl Lightning as she goes on her journey across Novus Partus, the world Lightning Returns takes place in. Seems the dev team are making this a lot more action heavy, too. Your various combinations of equipment, costumes, and abilities can be stored and called upon at will during battle (sounds like the Paradigm System in the original Final Fantasy XIII). You can also assign actions to certain buttons, making bashing monster brains a much easier process.

In battle, monsters now have various states of Break after you’ve inflicted enough damage, ranging from “Knockdown”, where you’ll be able to steal from enemies, to “Overclock”, where you’ll be able to freeze time. Sweet!

There was a trailer shown at the event, but that was only for the attendees (they’ll release it for the public soon, I’m sure). ‘Til then, check out the presentation (complete with English subtitles!).

A word from Game Producer Yoshinori Kitase:


Director Motomu Toriyama explains the overall concept of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII:


Game Design Director Yuji Abe talks about the world of Novus Partus:


Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo talks about the art design in the game:


Here’s some art they showed off, too!


Lightning Returns: Final fantasy XIII ‘s coming out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime in 2013. Check out the English Site on September 4th for more details. And that teaser site they launched a while back has now become a hub, with all the videos and images from the event, as well as the official press release.


Source: All info is from the fine folks at Andriasang!

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