Minee Musings — Change Is In The Air

A whole lot of change is going ’round.

Ah, Fall. The season of Change. Leaves change colour, the temperature takes a dip, and maybe a change in console cycles. We are getting something new this year, as Nintendo puts the Wii to rest to give us the Wii U.

Lots of folks in the industry are going through changes, too. The founders of Bioware recently announced their departure, and Cliff Bleszinski has decided to leave Epic Games. They decided they wanted to do something different, and are going for it.

Even I’m going through a change. At Ye Ol’ Workplace, we had to make the move from the 9th floor of the building to the 10th. Been preparing for it for the last month; packing up things from both my cubicles (yea, I had two… did work for different departments), emptying out my former boss’s office, clearing out things from other offices and rooms. Always wiped me out to do that on top of all my actual work. But it’s all done, and I’m fully settled in my new cubicle. But not for long.

I quit my job.

Coincidentally enough, the day I gave my resignation (October 1st) was my Moving Day to the 10th floor. TIMING!

I gave a lot of thought about this for awhile, so it’s not like the decision was sudden. Discussed the possibility with close friends and family; getting their input on the matter. Ultimately, I wanted to wait until I reached the seven-year anniversary mark at work in late September before coming to a final decision. And I made my choice. Ya get tired after awhile of doing the same ol’ thing and need a change; make the attempt to do something that you really want to do. That’s why I’m taking a leap and want to get into the video game industry for realsies. I want to do something fun that taps more into my creative side. I’m tired of paper pushing.

My last day of work is October 30th, same day as Assassin’s Creed 3‘s release. TIMING! It will give me time to pad my wallet some more before headin’ out the door, so that’s good.

So, what will I do ’til then? Well, sow the seeds that will grow into awesomeness! Go to YES Montreal and use their services (they just started a “Women In Technology” program! Again… TIMING!), send out CVs, talk to folks.

In that time between job hunting, I’ll be blogging (gotta keep that writing up!), drawing (’cause my deviantART profile needs more love), and Japanese studying (’cause… JAPAN!). Doing these more will help, I think. Portfolio building and all that.

I got money squirrelled away to last me a couple of months, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Still, a lil’ reminder that I earn about 4% commission if you purchase items from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca via the links here on VSOG. So if you ever want to do some Amazon shopping, I hope you stop by! 😛

Am I scared? Well, yeah. Leaving a job you’ve had for seven years is scary when you don’t have anything solid lined up. But I don’t want to keep going on, wishing I had done this or that. I want to take a chance to make something happen. Ya won’t know unless you try, right?

And honestly, I think things will work out for the better. In fact, I know they will.

To everyone else out there chasing their dreams now, too: I salute you!


“The key to change… is to let go of fear.”

– Rosanne Cash


(Photo Credit: © eyeidea/iStockPhoto)


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Have you guys ever made a drastic change in your lives? How’d that turn out? Come to think of it, what’s your dream job? Are you working there now? Hit me up in the Comments Section and tell me about it!