FANDEMONIUM!: Longplay — Holy Diver (NES)


A solid-lookin’ Longplay for a solid-lookin’ game.

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Okay, show of hands! How many of you have heard of the game Holy Diver? Anyone? No? Well, me neither! And with good reason, as this was another one of those Japan-only NES games (or, rather, Famicom). Ah, the wonders of finding something just by traipsing about YouTube!

At first glance, I thought it would was another poor man’s Castlevania, but I was wrong. This game… looks badass!

An evil entity called Black Slayer is trying to bring about the apocalypse. Our hero, Randy, is trying to stop him, but he needs to retrieve the five emblems which belong to the Crimson King family. At least that’s what it says in the ending of this fan translated version.

What’s interesting is that the publisher, the now defunct Irem, had plans to release Holy Diver overseas. In fact, EGM did a write-up for the game back in 1989. But for reasons that were never stated, Irem decided to scrap the localized version. Methinks the reason why they scrapped it might have been the religious references in the game (remember, religious images in games were a big no-no in Games released in North America back then). Yes, they could’ve replaced the crosses with sticks or something of the sort, and maybe cover up anything else that might be suspect. Perhaps there were so many things they’d have to cover up with the story, that Irem felt it wouldn’t have the same punch, and thus wasn’t worth doing. The folks over at Hardcore Gaming 101 mentioned that the plot, if the rumours were to be believed, actually has you descending into Hell in the year 666 to destroy Satan himself. If that’s true, then it’s easy to see why Irem canned the North American release.

Another interesting note: Looking at the box cover for Holy Diver, Randy reminds me of Freedan, the Shadow Knight transformation from the SNES RPG, Illusion of Gaia. Maybe Enix got the idea for Freedan’s design from Holy Diver? Randy’s in-game sprite, however, looks like he’s a Belmont from Castlevania. Hmmm…

Holy Diver - -Randy vs Freedan

Holy Diver hero Randy is on the left; Freedan from Illusion of Gaia is on the right. Damn, they do look kinda similar, eh?


Anyhoo, this game looks completely awesome. I want to play it. ‘Til then, we can all enjoy this Longplay by JagOfTroy 🙂


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