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New beginnings are nice. And Reader Appreciation Awards!

Good day, gentle peeps!

So, it’s done. As some of you may recall from a previous post, I announced my plans to leave my job to pursue a new career in the video game industry… though there’s nothing lined up. Yet. Well, my last day at my job was Tuesday, and man, I’m glad! No, really! Well, maybe ‘glad’ might be a bit of a strong word. There are people I’ll miss seeing every day, but that said, I’m anxious and excited to see where life take me.

Still, not even a day out, I already had a job interview! Have no idea how well it went, though. It’s a retail job at one of the big electronic stores (one that I quite like, too!), and it’s for the holiday rush. If I get it, awesome! I’ll get to have a new (albeit brief) set of adventures. If I don’t get it, I go back to my original plan of taking November off and doing a lot of work for the blog. Like those reviews that are staring me in the face. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks or so whether or not I got the gig.


I’d Like To Thank The Lil’ People

And now… a lovely surprise!



The lovely Loki-Lou of The Modfather gave me this lovely Award! I… I don’t know what to say! I have this speech ready *gets out paper*. I’d like to thank the Academy, and my parents for making me all those years ago. And whomever made coffee; I have that stuff hooked to my veins. And cats, because they’re cats (cats are awesome) and they make for good YouTube material. And God, for all things are possible through Him *starts crying* And I want to thank Twinkies, because Twinkies are the food of the Gods, and — *band starts drowning out my speech*

Man, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do something corny like that! Seriously, I’m very flattered 🙂 You guys need to check out The Modfather!

Anyhoo, there are some rules to this; it’s kind of like those chain letters from back in the day, except way cooler:

  • I must nominate 15 blogs for this award
  • I must answer 10 questions asked by the person who nominated me
  • I must ask my nominees 10 questions
  • I must post that “Reader Appreciation Award” image on my blog post (well, that was easy!)

The first part might be a wee bit tricky, as I don’t know as many bloggers as I’d like (and I don’t think I can nominate Loki-Lou since she nominated me), but these are really awesome peeps that you need to check out 🙂

My Nominees!

The Starting Village (Twitter: @lavalampbamboo)

Chimeric Concepts

Tekyu in a Jar (Twitter: @tekyuinajar)

Game-Cake (Twitter: @Gam3Cake)


My Answers to Loki-Lou!

1. If you could live anywhere in world where would it be? And why?

JAPAN!!! The culture, the language, the food… the country has fascinated me since I was a lil’ kid. To visit the country (let alone live there) would be akin to a kid in a candy store for me. I would love to cross that off my Bucket List. 🙂

2. What was your favourite TV show when you were a kid?

Oh man, that’s a toughie! I had lots of favourites! Thundercats, Silverhawks, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Inhumanoids, Visionaries… dang it, I have too many!

3. Kindle or actual books?

I like having a physical book (but love the handiness of a Kindle/e-books!). Technically, both.

4. If you were picked up by the Tardis which Doctor would you like to travel the universe with?

My secret shame: it’s been a long, LONG, time since I’ve watched Doctor Who. Haven’t seen it since I was a kid…

5. Gary Oldman or Alan Rickman? (If you like neither….unlikely I know but it might happen! Then – Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston).

Gary Oldman. Sexiest Dracula ever. Also: Sirius Black. Yes. Just… yes.

6. If you could invite 5 people (famous or otherwise) to a dinner party who would you ask?

Tekknight (my brother from another mother!), Shigeru Miyamoto, Daisuke Isiwatari, Nelsen Mandella, and Gumby.

7. In the event of a Zombie apocalypse would you sacrifice yourself to save a stranger or would you fight for your own survival?

Knowing me, I’d sacrifice myself.

8. Do you prefer salted popcorn, sweet popcorn or half and half?

Um… all of the above! I can do that, right? RIGHT!?

9. What is your favourite sport (and team)?

Don’t really watch sports much… or at all, really! I used to when I was a kid. Watched football with my big bro, and I liked the Oakland Raiders. I think that was because my brother played football in our community’s football league, and our town’s team name is the Raiders (we even had the NFL Raiders’ logo and everything).

10. If the world was going to end and you only had time to tell one person that you loved them, who would it be? And why them?

 My mom, because she’s my rock and the awesomest human being in the history of ever. 🙂


To My Nominees!

  1. If you were on a desert island and can only have one video game with you, what would it be and why?
  2. You’re a member of the X-Men. What’s your mutant ability?
  3. Who’s your favourite comedian?
  4. What was the first horror movie that genuinely scared the snot out of you?
  5. Describe yourself in one word.
  6. If you could build something using a combination of LEGOs and Play-Doh, what would you make?
  7. You are a teapot, short and stout. What flavour of tea is about to pour out of your spout?
  8. What are your thoughts about the Nintendo Wii U?
  9. Favourite cookie?
  10. What came first: the chicken or the egg?

Bwa, ha, ha! 😀 I anxiously await the zany answers…


Now Playing

I’ve been playing Aksys Games’ marvellous 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. I’m happy that we’re getting more and more Visual Novels brought over here; they’re awesome. And this one is particularly gripping since it combines Visual Novel storytelling with puzzle elements. Definitely gonna pick up 999‘s sequel, Virtue’s Last Stand, as soon as I’m done.  Also hoping to be able to write a review for that soon.

In other news, I just downloaded Okami HD on PS3. I already have the game on PS2 (though never finished it), and thought it was superb. I was more than happy to put my hard-earned cash down to get this. All the charm of the original but with sharper graphics. Very nice.

Lastly, a huge box came to me on Tuesday, from the lovely folks at ebGames. My copy of Assassin’s Creed 3 Limited Edition for PS3. Complete with Connor statue *drool*. And that belt buckle! Badass. This is probably the last large purchase I’ll make for a while; giving me a chance to get that backlog down more. On can dream, anyway.

VSOG Play List

What’s in my PS3: Okami HD; Final Fantasy XIII

What’s in my Nintendo DS: 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

What’s in my Xbox 360: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

That’s about all for me. What’s new with you peeps? What are you guys playing right now? Let me know in the Comments Section!

Featured image: © istockphoto/alexemanuel