FANDEMONIUM! Space Invaders Winter Apparel

Space Invaders Winter Gear

Keep warm on those cold winter days with the help of Space Invaders!

Welcome to FANDEMONIUM!, where I salute fellow Stitch Fiends.

Winter is around the corner, or (if you’re living in cold climates like me), it’s probably knocking at your door already. To top it off, the holiday shopping season is in full swing, so you might be looking to give a gift to that special someone.

If you happen to be a knitter (or you know someone who knits), then you might want to give these very cool pieces of Space Invaders gear to help ward off the cold!


Protect Yer Noggin’!

Those harsh winter winds can hurt your ears! Enlist the help of Space Invaders to help protect your head with a snug lil’ “Invade Your Earspace” toque by Catherine Paul.

Space Invaders Toque

Look stylish with aliens dancin’ on your head.
Photo: © Catherine Paul

I made this a couple of years ago as a Christmas gift for my ex. He seemed to like it some. It didn’t take long to make, as the pattern was rather simple.

You can nab the pattern for free from Ravelry.


Keep Your Hands Toasty

I’m working my way through this pattern right now, actually. These “Space Invaders Converti-Mitts” by Jemma Golby are so, so awesome!

Space Invaders Gloves

Whether it’s to brave the winter, or to look chic in the fall, these gloves will do the job.
Photo: © Jemma Golby

I like these types of mitts, as they can become fingerless or full mitts by flipping the top. Had to make a few changes to the pattern: using a larger needle size and thicker yarn than what was specified, and making full thumbs instead of half-ones. Anyhoo, they’re turning out beautifully and I can’t wait to use ’em this winter! I’ll post pics of ’em when I’m done 🙂

Check out the free pattern on Ravelry.


Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Raverly user Emily Sontag shared this absolutely lovely Space Invaders Scarf.

Space Invaders Scarf

Now you’re fighting the alien menace… around your neck.
Photo: © Emily Sontag

I haven’t tried this yet, but looking at the pattern, it’s quite the easy knit. Scarves are usually quick knits, too, so if you want to give this to someone, this might be a good one to try.


Watch Your Feet!

What about your tootsies? They need some love too, ya know!?

User Aija Goto created some awesome socks using the Space Invaders motif.

Space Invaders Socks

Wiggle your toes in comfort and warmth.
Photo: © Aija Goto

I’ve never made socks before, so I can’t say how difficult they would be to make. The pattern looks challenging enough, that’s for sure. Head over to Aija’s site to get the pattern and check it out for yourselves.


These are just some of the awesome knitted goodies you can make for your loved ones (or yourself)! If you happen to find any other knitted pieces of awesomeness, please share them in the Comments Section!  And if you decide to make these for yourself, let me know how it goes! 😀

Happy knitting!