King Arthur Gets Rule 63’d In This Dating Sim

  • Princess Arthur - Galahad

    Guard your loins, Sir Galahad!

  • Princess Arthur - Lancelot

    Lancelot, the ladies' man.

  • Princess Arthur - Merlin

    Here, Merlin teaches Alu the ancient spell of Mouth-to-Mouth.

  • Princess Arthur - Mordred

    Mordred's giving Alu that sexy bedroom eye look. It's a trap!

  • Princess Arthur - Perceval

    Er... that armour won't protect you much, Perceval...

No, I’m not kidding. Princess Arthur turns King Arthur into a woman who dates the Knights of The Round Table.

Rule 63 of the internet states that for every fictional character, there exists their opposite sex counterpart. The folks over at Idea Factory decided to take that rule and run with it in the most unexpected way possible: by tackling the Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and turning it into an Otome game.

In Princess Arthur, you play as Alu, your average young maiden who just so happens to pull out Sword from the Anvil and becomes the Queen of All Britain. You then get to meet the Knights of the Round Table, and through the various trials and tribulations that goes along with ruling an entire people, start to develop… warm and fuzzy feelings for these studs.

I… I approve of this. No, really! But, there is a red flag in all of this: Mordred.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the legend, Mordred is the son of Arthur and his half-sister, Morgana Le Fay. He’s also the dude who fatally wounds Arthur and forces the King to go to the Vale of Avalon to heal (and there remain until his country needs him once again). All that to say that romancing someone that’s supposed to be your son seems… er… creepy. Weird Oedipus Complex afoot? I’m sure they’ll explain it away somehow 😕

And what of the fairest of fair maidens in Arthur legend, Queen Guinevere? Will she make an appearance in the game as perhaps a potential rival for Alu; vying for the attention of the studly Knights? Perhaps (if it’s clear that Lancelot’s caught your eye) a fiercer-than-fierce love triangle would commence? Or maybe (if Guinevere were male), he would work hard to make Alu notice him (even more so if, again, it looks like you’ll end up with Lancelot). Or maybe (regardless of Guinevere’s sex), they end up having a threesome like in The Mists of Avalon.

Yea, I went there.

That said… I wouldn’t mind having Merlin all over me. Wave those magic hands, wizard boy!

Yea, I went there. AGAIN.

Princess Arthur comes out in Japan on March 28. Have no idea if this will make it over the pond, but if it does, I’m staring right at Aksys Games for localization duties.

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Hmmm… I would love to have this game come out. Would you? And… which Knight would you like to snuggle with!? Let me know in the Comments Section!