EA Vs. Zygna Lawsuit Settled Out of Court

EA vs Zygna

Both companies decide to put the whole copyright mess behind them.

You may remember a while ago that EA filed a lawsuit against casual game mega-giant Zygna for copyright infringement. Zygna’s  Facebook game, The Ville, looked so much like EA’s The Sims Social that it would make your head spin. Some time after, Zygna launched a counter-suit (oh no you din’t!), accusing EA Grand Poobah John Riccitiello of trying to prevent EA employees from being headhunted and whisked away to join Zygna.

Well, it’s all a thing of the past, as both companies have settled things out of court, with the specifics of the deal awaiting final approval of the court.

The claim and counterclaim are now listed in the Northern District of California as, “dismissed with prejudice”, so this is the last we’ll hear of this.

No word on what the actual terms of the settlement are, but ya gotta suspect that lots and lots of money exchanged hands. One of Gamasutra’s sources told them that Zygna was “pleased” with how everything turned out.

I know a lot of gamers were calling for Zygna’s blood, and were hoping that the giant that is EA would crush them like an ant, though we probably all saw this coming to some extent. Neither company (Zygna especially, given their troubles) would want this to drag on and eat away at their money.

Makes me wonder if maybe Zygna will learn from the experience and try not to “borrow” so much from others…

Sources: Gamasutra; Polygon

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