Want Darkstalkers 4? Buy Darkstalkers Resurrection!

Darkstalkers Resurrection

If we want to see a new Darkstalkers, Darkstalkers Resurrection needs to sell like gangbusters.

Why must you constantly troll me this hard, Capcom?

Producer Tomoaki Ayano was talking to the press at a recent event at Capcom’s Tokyo branch; showing off the upcoming HD remastering of the developer’s other beloved fighting game series, Vampire  (known to us over here as Darkstalkers).

Ayano described the various features of the Vampire (Darkstalkers) Resurrection, the lovely compilation which includes Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior (Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3),  including multiple view types (you can play as if you’re looking over someone’s shoulder, as if you were watching someone play at the arcade. Bonkers!), the extensive tutorials for beginners (and vets looking to brush up on their skills!) and the online matchmaking capabilities.

Something interesting is that the game is getting a physical copy release in Japan (thanks, Shoryuken!), whereas it will be released digitally via Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network everywhere else. When asked if Japan will have a digital version of Vampire Resurrection, Ayano said that they were considering it (perhaps if there’s a demand for it?). Also, if Vampire Resurrection sells well, not only will Capcom consider making an HD remake of the other games in the series, but those sales might be enough to convince Capcom to make Darkstalkers 4.

… yea, I said “other games”. Plural.

Fun Fact: Japan got two updates for Vampire Savior: Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers’ Revenge. They added some tweaks here and there, with the major addition being the return of Donovan, Pyron and Huitzil (yea, there weren’t in Vampire Savior). The Darkstalkers 3 we got on PlayStation was, in fact, a compilation of Vampire Savior and its updates. Fancy that, eh?

That said, seeing an HD version of the original Darkstalkers would be kinda neat, I guess. As for Darkstalkers 4, Capcom wanting us to vote with our dollar is a bit… sad. I say this only because of what happened last year, with news of Capcom having already put in a year’s worth of work on Darkstalkers 4 already (allegedly). I know that games can get canned at any point during development, and I know they have to see if there’s still demand for the Darkstalkers brand, but it would be sad to see a fourth one slip away. The Darkstalkers series is turning 20 years old next year, so having a brand new entry come out next year would be a nice birthday present, I think.

Then again, Capcom cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 despite the high demand from fans and Capcom didn’t do anything for Mega Man’s birthday, so… yea… 😕

Be sure to break out your fake fangs as Darkstalkers Resurrection comes to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade next week, on March 13th.

So what do you guys think? You think Darkstalkers Resurrection will be successful enough to poke Capcom in the eye and tell ’em to come out with Darkstalkers 4? Lemme know in the Comments Section!

Source: Shoryuken