FANDEMONIUM!: DuckTales Moon Stage Arrangement

FANDEMONIUM - DuckTales Moon Theme

How can the DuckTales Moon Stage Theme sound even more awesome? Throw in a Konami and Kirby beat!

Welcome to another edition of FANDEMONIUM!, where we’re fighting hurricanes here in Duckberg.

In case you missed the big Capcom reveal yesterday at PAX East, they announced that they’re gonna do a remastering of the NES classic, DuckTales. Developer WayForward is pouring a lot of love into it, and thus far it looks amazing.

They’re even beefing up the soundtrack. So far, I’ve only heard the Transylvania stage, but if it’s any indication of what the music in the rest of the game sounds like, then fans have nothing to worry about.

To celebrate this glorious return of nostalgia, let’s have a listen to one of the most memorable tunes in the game: The Moon Stage Theme.

YouTube user SomaKatsuo uploaded this special arrangement of the DuckTales Moon Theme; redone to sound like a Mega Man tune, a Konami tune (most, if not all, Konami songs on the NES have a particular drum and bass beat), and a Kirby tune.

So good. Thanks to VSOG buddy Tekknight for sending this along!

If you know any talented gamers you think should be featured in FANDEMONIUM!, let me know in the Comments Section!