Project X Zone Getting A Limited Edition

Project X Zone Limited Edition Coming

Get some bonus goodies with your order of Project X Zone~!

Oy! Been a bit on the sporadic week or so ’round here, as I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year (damn word count!). Been trying to play catch up with the news, and here I read that everyone’s hotly-anticipated crossover, Project X Zone, is getting a boost!

It was a massive treat to hear that Project X Zone is coming over to North America on June 25th. For those that are on the fence with regards to procuring a copy, Namco Bandai has sweetened the pot some by creating a Limited Edition, which will include a music CD, poster, and an artbook.

Methinks this will be akin to how XSEED handled The Last Story and its Limited Edition. If you recall, all first print runs became Limited Editions, and all those who pre-ordered the game before the announcement were automatically upgraded to Limited Edition status. So, I think, if you were one of those folks who already got dibs on Project X Zone, you should still get this Limited Edition.

Guess I better get on it and pre-order my copy! Heh, heh, heh…


Source: Project X Zone Upgraded To Limited Edition For The West, [Siliconera]

Have you pre-order Project X Zone? Are you tempted to now that there’s gonna be a Limited Edition! Let me know in the Comments Section!