FANDEMONIUM!: Breath of Fire II ReMix – You Must Live!

FANDEMONIUM - Breath of Fire II ReMix

How do you take one of the saddest songs in Breath of Fire II and liven it up? Make it a dance remix!

Welcome to FANDEMONIUM!, where we are encouraged to dance everyday, even if we’re listening to the most depressing music ever.

I already told ya once that Breath of Fire II is one of the saddest games to ever grace the SNES, and there were lots of musical tracks in it that really hammered the point home.

OCReMixer Gman takes one of the saddest songs in Breath of Fire II, “You Must Live!” and did the strangest thing… turned it into the dance ReMix. And it’s catchy!

Game: Breath of Fire II (Capcom, 1995, SNES)
ReMixer(s): Gman
Composer(s): Yoshino Aoki, Yuko Takehara
Song(s): ‘Crazy Dance’

OCR00932: Breath of Fire II You Must Dance OC ReMix [Crazy Dance]

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