Minee Musings — Site Redesign is Good!

Feature - Change

Change is a good thing! Site redesigns are even better!

PFFFFFFT! Look at all of this dust 🙁 ACK!

Hi y’all! How’re you doing? Hope things are well.

As you may have noticed, things have been quite quiet over here at VSOG HQ. Decided to take a bit of a breather to plan out what to do with the place. Still have some things in the pipeline to look over, so those will go up soon (and yes, I’m gonna finish up the Retro Rave about the Breath of Fire series. Can’t leave Ryu and the gang hangin’!).

Oh, and I decided to spruce the place up a bit. And by “a bit”, I mean “a lot”.

I’m trying out this new theme; it’s similar to the old one, with a few exceptions that required some code tweaking on the back end. Figure that since the blog is turning two years old this year (time sure flies!), I felt it was time for a make-over of sorts. I’m looking into making a new Header image to put up, but that might not be for a while.

Aside from themes, things have been quiet. I have some catching up to do news-wise.

Okay, maybe not some. A lot.  Oy.

So, let me know what you guys have been up to! What’s new!? What’cha been playin’!? Lemme know in the Comments Section! 😮

And before anyone tells me: yes, I know there’s a new Guilty Gear coming. And yes, the trailer gave me happy tingles. Oh, so many happy tingles. Damn it, Sol, why must you be soooooooo hot? *swoon*

Slider/Feature image: © istockphoto.com/AnsonLu