El Shaddai IP Back With Its Director

El Shaddai IP going to Crim

El Shaddai’s director re-acquires IP from Ignition Entertainment.

UTV Ignition was thrown into much disarray last year; studios closing left and right, until it was eventually being bought up by Disney. Through all this hubbub, I wondered what would become of one of  UTV Ignition’s original IP: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

The colourful, trippy retelling of the biblical figure Enoch’s journey to bring fallen angels to justice is one of the my favourite games ever BECAUSE IT’S SO DAMN PRETTY! When I heard UTV Ignition Japan shuttered its doors, I wept, for I didn’t know what would become of the IP.

But we can all rejoice! El Shaddai director Sawaki Takeyasu and his studio, Crim, announced that they have acquired the IP from Ignition Entertainment. According to a statement issued by Crim, this acquisition includes, “prequel, sequel, and all other derivative rights of the existing game.” In addition, Crim would like to work with the Entertainment industry to expand the El Shaddai universe and develop a business in the future.

As for the original 2011 game, well, Ignition still has the rights to sell it until the end of time.

Still, this is exciting news! More El Shaddai‘s a good thing, and it would’ve been a tragedy if the IP was just left by the waste side. There was a mobile game that came out in Japan sometime last year, but that apparently shut down mighty quick. But now there’s a chance to get even more! A sequel. A prequel of Enoch’s adventures… I’m getting gitty.

And how about that whole “working with the Entertainment industry” bit? Imagine if there was a trippy El Shaddai anime! Maybe more designer clothing (we already have jeans). A novel? A made-for-TV/straight to blu-ray & DVD movie? The possibilities are endless.

Haven’t played El Shaddai? Check out why I love it so much here. Meanwhile, if you have played it, what did you think of it? How psyched are you at the possibility of expanding it? Let me know in the Comments Section!

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