Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Coming Feb 11

Lighting Returns - Final Fantasy XIII Release Date

The final chapter in Lightning’s story has a release date.

I still haven’t finished Final Fantasy XIII-2. I’m a good way through, but just have to sit and give it a major push. And now I have a “Get ‘er Done Before” date to mark on my calendar, as Square Enix has given us a release date for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

North American fans will be reunited with Lightning February 11, 2014, with EU fans jumping in February 14th.

They even released a new trailer that shows off the town of Yusnaan, Lightning messing fools up, and some familiar faces. And I watch the entire trailer… with the sound off (fear of spoilers and all that jazz).

Damn, why is Noel from Final Fantasy XIII-2 pissed at Lightning? And Snow’s back, too!? WEEEE~!

Final Fantasy XIII-3 - Snow

Snow’s ready to put the Ban Hammer on… something. Not me, certainly…

Square also showed off a special Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Box Set which includes all three FXIII games, a Play Arts figure of Lightning, soundtrack collection of choice songs from each game, and an art book. This Ultimate Set is available only in Japan, but I wonder if something similar is coming overseas.

LR - FFXIII Ultimate Box

Look at all of that stuff. I kinda want that Play Arts figure, don’t you?

All this Final Fantasy XIII talk is making me stare at FF XIII-2. Perhaps I should get the ball rollin’ eh?

Anyhoo, are you guys excited for this? Let me know in the Comments Section!

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