Snake in Metal Gear Solid V Voiced by Keifer Sutherland

Keifer Sutherland is Snake in MGS V

Damn it, we’re running out of Snakes!

… this is weird timing. I’m a huge fan of one of the best shows Fox Television has had in a long time, 24. In fact, I’m watching the last episode of the final season as I type this, thus concluding another “All 8 Seasons 24 marathon”.

Why am I talkin’ TV? ‘Cause Keifer Sutherland, who plays 24‘s leading man and super federal agent Jack Bauer, will be the voice of Big Boss (Naked Snake) in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Sutherland will also be doing the motion capture.

Konami let the cat out of the bag at their pre-E3 announcement earlier today. Series creator Hideo Kojima said that MGS V takes place in 1984, when Snake is 49 years old. The theme, he said, is about race and revenge,  and the overall tone of the game is a lot darker, so he was looking for a more subdued performance for Snake; one expressed through facial and body movements and tone of voice. Something convincing for someone in their late 40s. Our boy Keifer fit that to a tee.

Reading some of the Comments on various sites, it seems lots of people are quite upset that Konami chose Sutherland over Metal Gear Solid vet (and the voice of Solid Snake since the beginning), David Hayter. I can understand why they feel that way. It’s like making a yearly visit to a friend’s house overseas to hang out for a few days. Then, one year, you’re not able to go visit for XYZ reason. You’ve done it for so many years; it’s become tradition, and you’re bummed you can’t see ’em this time around.

But change can be a good thing. And I think folks should give Sutherland a chance. If anyone can portray a grizzy vet with a low, rumbly voice, it’d be that guy. Hell, he’s been doing it for all 8 seasons of 24.

That said, I hope Kojima gives Sutherland every chance available to say, “Damn it!” Ya know, for kicks and giggles.

What do you think of this news? Do you think Keifer Sutherland is a good fit for Snake? Let me know in the Comments Section!

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