E3 2013 Mania!: The Order: 1886 Trailer

The Order 1886 - E3 Trailer

This steampunk-themed game looks so sweet!

Sony showed off some exclusives at their E3 conference. One of the games that got me hyped was one from the folks at Ready At Dawn, The Order: 1886.

This steampunk action game takes place in an alternate history of Victorian-era London, about 40 years after the Industrial Revolution. Weapons are pretty advanced. Like, lightning gun advanced. You are a knight, part of a sacred Order, fighting for the survival of mankind.

Fighting werewolves. With lightning guns.

Not much else at this point, but something about werewolves and lightning guns gets me hyped 😛 Wonder if they’re the only mythological critters we’ll have to get down and dirty with. Let me know what you guys think in the Comments Section!