Four Fabulous Fighting Game Fathers

Fabulous Fighting Game Fathers

Four mighty fighting game men… who also changed diapers.

Teacher: “So, what does your daddy do?”

Kid 1: “My daddy’s a doctor!”

Teacher: “Nice! What about you?”

Kid 2: “My papa takes care of puppies and kitties!”

Teacher: “Oh, how fun! What about you?”

Kid 3: “My daddy can throw fireballs and knock people out of the sky with a flying fist to the face!”

Yea, that would be pretty awesome to say in real life.

Fighting games have such a wild and crazy cast of characters. It’s unbelievable. They have Cyborgs, mutants, wrestlers, morphing dudes… and some who cooed babies and gave ’em baboos.

In honour of the recently-passed Father’s Day (belated, I know: don’cha hate technical difficulties?), and because this month is fighting game month here at VSOG, I thought I’d list four of the fiercest fighters out there… who happen to have some call ’em “daddy.”


Saisyu KusanagiSaisyu KusanagiKing of Fighters

Being the head of an ancient clan of warriors can’t be easy! You have to constantly be on guard; ready to take on any and all dangers that threaten the well-being of your family. I mean, you gotta stay on your toes if your main nemesis is an ancient eight-headed snake demon (oh, and a clan holding a 400-year old grudge).

Saisyu left home to fight against some of the strongest people in the world, only to meet his match against the sadistic and egotistical Rugal Bernstein. Believed to have died, Saisyu later made an appearance at the ’95 King of Fighters tourney as Rugal’s brainwashed right-hand goon. Papa Saisyu was freed from the mind control by his son, Kyo, and his Team.

I bet Saisyu is tickled pink that Kyo is representing the Kusanagi clan well (as any good heir would); thwarting evil whenever it arises and such. Kyo certainly inherited Saisyu’s cocky, confident nature 😉 Still, Papa Saisyu isn’t showing any signs of slowing down as far as I can tell, and I would love to see him make another appearance in the series to show these young ‘uns how it’s done.

Kyo Kusanagi

Saisyu’s lil’ boy and King of Fighters leading man, the ever-handsome Kyo ♥



Mike HaggarMike HaggarFinal Fight/Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Mike Haggar’s built like a house, but I bet he caves in every time his lil’ girl Jessica asks him for something. Tee, hee, hee!

The mighty mayor has made quite the name for himself; transitioning from a successful career as a fearsome wrestler to knowledgeable politician. But just because he’s donning the whole suit n’ tie get-up doesn’t mean he’s a pushover by any means, as evident by his tough-on-crime campaigns.

Mayor Mike has done a fair job chasing crime out of Metro City; thwarting the plans of the Mad Gear and Skull Cross gangs with the help of his younger comrades. His bravery has certainly endeared him to the denizens of the city; becoming the most popular mayor the City’s ever had.

But to Jessica, he will always be “daddy.”


Saturday Night Slam Masters

Haggar and Jessica celebrating after a match in Saturday Night Slam Masters.

GuileStreet Fighter

Guile - SFIV

I couldn’t put this list together without mentioning everyone’s favourite Special Forces crop top dude with the theme that goes with just about anything?

So Guile’s holding a grudge against superhuman douchebag of the century, M. Bison. The fearsome leader of Shadowlaw killed his best friend, and Guile did what any friend would do: hunt the bastard down. Noble a cause as that is, it came at the cost of his family, as he left his wife Julia and daughter Amy behind.

Seems the Mother/Daughter duo are experts in tracking, as they managed to find Guile ALL the way in Thailand and perfectly timed their reunion at the very moment Guile was about to lay into Bison. Guile feels bad for letting his desire for vengeance wreck his family, so they decided that a fresh start is in order.

I wonder how long that lasted, though? I mean, he’s still Sonic Booming away in Super Street Fighter IV AE. Guess you can’t keep a soldier off the battlefield for too long…?

Ending - Guile

Will Guile ever stay home and be a family man?

Takuma SakazakiTakuma SakazakiArt of Fighting


Oh! Uh… sorry about that. It’s just, every time I think of Takuma Sakazaki, I think of his alter-ego, Mr. Karate. Damn him and his SNK Boss Syndrome Difficulty… damn him to HELL!

But really, when he’s not making grown men and women crumble to the ground and cry like lil’ babies over impossible AI reflexes, he’s making sure that the future generation of his family’s Kyokugen Karate are in good shape. But, as is the case, the road hasn’t been all roses and rainbows.

Sometime after moving to Southtown with his new family, Takuma’s wife was killed. He sets off to find the killer, leaving his little boy Ryo to care for baby Yuri. After years of searching, he discovers the culprit is Southtown’s resident badboy Geese Howard, who threatened to do something horrible to Ryo and Yuri unless Takuma became his henchmen. To keep his family’s honour, Takuma dons the Tengu mask to become Mr. Karate.

Of course, Takuma is a noble person at heart and really didn’t want to do such evil deeds, so to keep him in line, Yuri is kidnapped. But Ryo and family friend Robert Garcia are having none of this kidnapping business, and tear Southtown apart to look for her. They eventually find her, run into “Mr. Karate”, and discover Takuma’s dirty lil’ secret. Papa Sakazaki’s been on the straight and narrow ever since.

Mr Karate - SVC Chaos

Takuma as Mr. Karate. Look at that evil pose.

Takuma’s a traditional guy who wants nothing more than to see the family flourish. He wants grandkids (no pressure, Ryo 😛 ), and quite protective of his little girl… whether she wants him to or not 😛 Still, he’s very encouraging to his pupils, even if it’s a lil’ corny with his strange pep talks.

group pic - Art of Fighting

Takuma with his favourite students (clockwise, from left): his son Ryo, Robert Garcia, and daughter Yuri.


Of course, there are more fighting game papas out there, but these are the ones nearest and dearest to me (since, ya know, I’ve been playing their respective games since my teens). Who’s your fave fighting game papa? Let me know in the Comments Section!