Anxious To See Cutscenes From The New Super Smash Bros.? Too Bad!

Super Smash Bros - Villager Boxing Glove vs Bowser

The new Super Smash Bros. won’t have cutscenes because they’ll just end up online.

In an interview with Famitsu, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed the both the Wii U and 3DS version of the latest iteration of Super Smash Bros. won’t have any CG cutscenes because he feels that they’ll all end up online… and that’s a bad thing.

“You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees [a cutscene],” he said. “I felt if players saw the cutscenes outside of the game, they would no longer serve as rewards for playing the game, so I’ve decided against having them.”

The game will still have a single-player experience; just without cutscenes to ties things together in a coherent way.

I can understand that Sakurai might be concerned about having something like, say, major spoilers popping up and making the internet rounds. And nothing stinks more than having a game that you’re really interested in spoiled for you ’cause someone decided to talk/write about it without giving you ample warning (use those “SPOILER TAG!”s).

But in this day and age, where footage for highly-anticipated games are leaked or posted by gamers who managed to breeze through the game in record time and upload the footage for kicks n’ giggles, there is a simple solution for people concerned about having something spoiled for them: don’t look up info about the game around launch. Then it won’t get spoiled for ya 😛

Still,’tis rather unfortunately for those who were looking forward to seeing cutscenes of Mega Man teaming up with Mario to take on the Wii Fit Trainer. I suppose this will mean that they’ll be spending the extra time to make sure the rest of the game plays in tip-top shape?

What do you think of Sakurai’s decision? Do you think he’ll stick with his guns, or perhaps cave if enough people complain about it? Let me know in the Comments Section!

Source: Destructoid