Breath of Fire 6 Announced For Smartphones And PC

… so this is what we’ve been waiting for…

Capcom made a bevy of interesting announcements at their Network Game Conference earlier today. The one that caught my attention the most is something that many RPG fans have been waiting for.

After ten long years, we’re finally getting a new Breath of Fire game.

Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon (rough translation of that subtitle) is coming out next summer… for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Okay, so it’s what we’ve been waiting for… but not as expected.

The combined powers of Google Translate and helped me make sense of the 4Gamer article. The game places an emphasis on the multiplayer mode (it’s meant to be more MMO-y), however roughly 10% of the game content is for solo play.

Because you’re able to play across several platforms, Breath of Fire 6 has Cross Play support, so you can play the game on your PC then switch over to your tablet or phone when you’re on the go, and vice versa.

With a summer 2014 planned release, General Manager of Capcom’s Tokyo R&D Department Kazunori Sugiura says that he would like to start Beta Tests around springtime.


I’m of mixed emotions. On the one hand, I’m happy that they’re bringing back the series. On the other hand, it’s on mobile, tablet, and PC, and typically these mobile games tend to stay exclusive to Japan. So there’s a chance that overseas fans won’t be able to play this at all, which would be a shame, since the last game we got here was Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter back in 2003. Maybe Capcom will bring it over, but I won’t hold my breath (yea, I meant that pun >_>).

As for choosing to go the MMO/mobile route, maybe it’s their way to judge the series’ popularity (kinda like what they did with Darkstalkers Resurrection). If lots of people play it, they’ll consider making a full-blown, traditional RPG for consoles.

So there you have it. A new Breath of Fire game in the mainline series, but for mobile devices and PC. And it’s an MMO. How do you feel about this announcement? Let me know in the Comments Section!

P.S. Time to get off my butt and get those Breath of Fire Retro Raves done. This month might be less crazy, so I’ll probably be able to get them done… finally… *crosses fingers*