Ubisoft Montreal Working On JRPG-Inspired Game, Child of Light

Ubi’s working on their own RPG, that’s inspired by the golden age of Square RPGs.

At his GDC Europe session this morning, Ubisoft Montreal’s Patrick Plourde (who was the director of Far Cry 3) announced that he was working on a new game, called Child of Light. What makes this so vastly different than the games that Ubi’s been releasing lately is that this is gonna be an RPG!

Citing Final Fantasy VI being one of the many JRPG influences, Child of Light will have a fairy-tale feel to it, and features a female protagonist who is going through a “Coming of Age” tale, as she “physically and mentally grows up” as the story progresses.

The game will use the Ubi-Art Framework, the same engine used for Rayman Legends (which, as we know, is a very, VERY pretty game). The artstyle itself was inspired by the likes of Yoshitaka Amano (famous for his art for Final Fantasy series as well as the anime Vampire Hunter D, among others), famed illustrators Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and others. So imagine having Amano-styled or Rackham-style artwork displayed exactly AS IS on your HD screen (not pixel facsimile like Amano’s work for Final Fantasy VI), moving about and touching objects like an interactive painting.

I know that gave ya happy tingles.

In terms of gameplay, this will be a side-scroller, but will have turn-based battles. I can dig it.

What’s also interesting is that this isn’t being put together by a 200+ person team, as we have a habit of seeing from Ubisoft games. This is a much smaller team, and has been a positive experience for Plourde.

As for release, Child of Light will be a downloadable title for consoles and will be available Winter 2013. Why download? “With digital, there’s no shelf space to fight over, and that is the crux of the battle in publishing,” Plourde said. I imagine not having to worry about moving units off the shelves is one less pressure on their shoulders and they can just concentrate on the game itself.

There isn’t a lot more in terms of details, however, Plourde said that they’ll give us more news in September.

I gotta say, the screens look nice, and that’s just concept art. I’m really more interested in seeing the gameplay in action, though. I shall keep my eyes on this.

So, what do you guys think of this? Share your thoughts in the Comments Section!

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