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Extra Life 2013

Because we need to help the gamers of tomorrow!

Oh my God. Time flies by WAY too fast. It’s already October… and nearly time for Extra Life!

Many of you may recall that last year, I threw my hat into the ring to participate in Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals around the world. In particular, I’m repping Opération Enfant Soleil (my local CMNH chapter). These fine folks work hard to make the lives of sick kids in hospitals better and give them the very best medical care.

It was hella fun staying up late and doing a live blog of the event.

But now it’s time to gear up and do it aaaallll over again.

I’m sure some of you noticed that lil’ widget hanging out on the sidebar over there for a while, but now it’s time to shine some pretty spotlights on it. For realsies.

I’ll be playing through select games of my backlog starting November 2 at 8 am and I’ll be needing lots of coffee if I’m going to last 25 hours. I’ll do the live blog again this year (check out last year’s shenanigans for an idea of what’s in store), unless something changes. Like maybe getting my hands on one of those AverMedia Live Gamer Portable devices I’ve read so much about and actually stream how much I suck at games. That would be sweet (getting the device I mean, not watching me suck at games and thus shaming myself).

Anyhoo, I know you guys kick ass, and I know you love the children. Let’s help out the gamers and game designers of tomorrow by helping them today. Please donate! 😀