Castlevania Mania II: Minee’s Quest Begins!

castlevania mania II

What a wonderful month for a curse! Let us celebrate all things Castlevania!

Welp, we’re ten days into October. I’ve been hibernating (read: workin’), so it’s about time for me to catch up on some things now that there’s a bit of a lull. Catch up on some reading, some writing, some… whipping? What the…

A couple of years back, I dedicated the month of October to one of my favourite series, Castlevania. And I thought it was so much fun, that I should do it again.

So for the rest of the month, I’ll be focusing on finishing up my Castlevania backlog of games (God willing), bring back FANDEMONIUM! in style… and other candy-coated treats.

In fact, I have a review that’s almost ready to go up after I tweak it up a bit. Delicious. Almost as delicious as this piece of Roast… though I have no clue where this Roast came from (it was stuck in the wall, so I thought, “Finder’s Keepers!”).

So grab your bottle of Holy Water, iron out your cape, and grab your sickle. We’re going in!

Castlevania - NES Intro

Hello? Would you like to buy my Girl Guide cookies? They’re full of sugary goodness! What? This magic whip made from Alchemy? That’s just to scare the muggers away. Yea, that’s it…

While I’m looking for a work-around to breaking into the Castle (seems the Girl Guide cookie approach isn’t working), tell me about your memories of Castlevania! It can be anything at all, from your favourite game in the series to your most memorable moment. Hit me up on the Comments Section! 😀